SAP customers say yes to cloud but how to SAP

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The good news: the majority of SAP customers recognise the potential of Cloud Computing.

The bad news: they’re not too sure how SAP is going to help them realise that potential.

The SAP User Group has just polled members and come up the conclusion that some 80% of those questioned reckon that future SAP implementations will come in a hybrid combo of on premise, on demand and on device delivery models.

While 64% of organisations believes there is too much hype around the Cloud, 56% said they were planning to implement SaaS strategies in the next 12-18 months, and 27% they were already using SaaS for business-critical applications. That’s up from 17% in 2010.

But worryingly perhaps for SAP, some 58% of survey respondents - all SAP customers – said their Cloud adoption was being delayed by what was seen as lack of clarity over SAP's product roadmap.

More than a quarter said they did not actually know what SAP’s Cloud offerings, while 59% said they did not understand how to integrate SAP on-demand modules with their existing SAP implementation.

With the ‘hybrid’ approach being a key plank of SAP’s approach to the Cloud, this clearly suggests there is work to be done here by the vendor. Craig Dale, chief executive of the UK & Ireland SAP User Group, commented:  
“It is interesting to note that the majority of SAP users do see themselves utilising Cloud services in some form in the future. SAP has always been a proponent of organisations adopting a hybrid approach when it comes to their SAP deployments and I believe this is the correct approach.

In terms of getting that message across, the user group will play its part, he added:  
“Through working closely with SAP, we will look to address this in the coming months. Through events such as our annual user group conference and special interest groups (SIGs), organisations can get access to the information they need.

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