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More than 180 zettabytes of data will have been generated worldwide by 2025, tripling the amount that existed just three years ago. Much of this data will be created by the business applications organisations use. The challenge many still face is being to analyse this data effectively to gain business insights.

When it comes to SAP, there are still organisations that may not be fully harnessing the data and analytics potential they could glean from their SAP systems. Some organisations may not have the skills required to use all the analytics tools effectively, and those without this knowledge could even end up putting data at risk during data migrations or restructuring.

Our latest Data & Analytics Symposium is back to help organisations address these challenges. This year’s event will cover topics including SAP Analytics Cloud, data preparation and how to integrate analytics into wider digital transformation plans. You’ll also be able to get the lowdown from both SAP itself and other customers including National Grid and Sanctuary.

Iver van de Zand, CTO for the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), will be outlining how SAP has adapted its data and analytics strategy following the success of Full Data Driven Enterprises. Timo Elliott, Global Innovation Evangelist at SAP, will be hosting a panel discussion and a breakout session on why analytics projects fail and what to do about it.

Regardless of what your aims are for analytics in your organisation, the Analytics Symposium will provide you with the insight you need to accelerate your use of analytics in SAP. Streams include:

  • Analytics Future: Covering how organisations prepare for future changes in the SAP Analytics ecosystem, including information around SAP Analytics Roadmaps, Predictive & Planning in SAC, SAC/BOBJ use cases or AI.
  • Analytics Journey: This stream will help you to plan and implement your organisations analytics journey. You will learn practical tips on subjects including: Architecture & Toolset Decisions, Analytics Operating Models or Business Change & Deployment and how these can influence your organisation’s analytics strategy.
  • Data Strategy: Learn how to plan and prepare for data migration or restructuring, get tips on how to avoid data loss, and learn best practice on data governance, quality and retention.

We hope you’ll be able to join us at the Cavendish Conference Centre in London on the 18th April. To ensure you don’t miss out, be sure to book your place now:

We look forward to seeing you there!

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