Introducing Soterion's Podcast - SAP Security & GRC

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The podcast showcases conversations with SAP community experts who generously share their insights and expertise on various subjects, including identity and access management, SAP security controls, audit, and compliance.

Each episode is available in audio and video formats, with a duration ranging from 15 to 40 minutes, making it convenient for you to access and consume at your convenience, wherever and whenever you choose.

By visiting Soterion's website, you can subscribe to notifications and ensure that you never miss an episode.

Take Me To The Podcast

You can find the podcast on all major platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, etc. Click here to find the link to their podcast on whichever platform you use, or alternatively you can search on your platform using “SAP Security & GRC” into the app, subscribe and receive notifications straight to your device.

Regardless of whether you are a security consultant, IT manager, or business owner, the podcast provides a wealth of information to enhance your SAP security posture. We encourage you to explore the podcast today and commence your journey towards improved SAP security with Soterion.

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