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Remove Manual SAP Warehouse Administration: Automated Data Capture

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Welcome to our latest blog on transforming SAP-run warehouse operations through automated document capture, based on over 20 years of experience in this field we know how essential it is to optimise every aspect of warehouse operations to remain competitive and ensure your workforce continue to stay engaged.

Warehouse and supply chain operations teams face daily challenges in achieving optimal process efficiency due to the interruption of manual, paper-based processes, such as scanning and uploading paper documents.

Let's take a closer look at some of the challenges that SAP-run businesses and workers face in relation to inbound warehouse processes:

  • Manual data entry into SAP (PO or delivery notes)
  • Paper-based processes and warehouse administration that impacts data entry efficiency through delays and poor document management processes
  • Dangerous label goods tracking and inbound management challenges that could impact the integrity of products (particularly pharmaceutical and food related products)
  • Warehouse product put away interruptions created by delays in delivery note processing
  • Mundane and repetitive manual data entry tasks creating dis-engagement from workers

The implications of these could result in:

  • Time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry processes
  • Slower warehouse operations and lower productivity due to paper-based processes
  • Inefficient tracking of hazardous materials and inbound logistics management
  • Delays in warehouse product put away, leading to lower productivity
  • Loss of products in warehouse or incorrect supplier set-up, removing compliance audit trail
  • Employees spending time on mundane tasks instead of focusing on more critical tasks

The productivity and cost-effective management of an SAP-run warehouse and supply chain operations are integral to the success of many businesses, and the personnel responsible for these areas often face a multitude of challenges in their day-to-day activities. From meeting KPIs and reducing risk to managing labour and controlling costs, these professionals are tasked with ensuring the smooth and efficient running of their operations. However, without the right tools and processes in place, even the most skilled personnel may struggle to overcome the hurdles they face.

One of the key challenges for these operations is the need to handle paper documents and images. Manually scanning and uploading PDFs can be a time-consuming and error-prone process that takes away from other tasks, leading to inefficiencies and delays. In addition, handling paper documents can increase the risk of errors and pose a significant security risk if not managed properly.

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Without robotic process automation (RPA) for document and image capture, personnel must rely on manual methods to enter data into their SAP systems, which can slow productivity and increase the likelihood of errors. This can have a ripple effect on the entire supply chain, leading to delays in shipments, reduced customer satisfaction, and ultimately, lost revenue.

For many organisations, the process of managing paper-based documents can be complex and error-prone. It requires significant manual effort to scan, process, and attach these documents to SAP systems. In addition, the lack of easy conversion to PDFs and the inability to automate follow-on processes can further hinder operational efficiency.

Compliance and regulatory requirements

The challenges of managing paper-based documents can also result in compliance issues. For example, in the pharmaceutical industry, compliance with regulatory requirements is critical. Paper-based documents that are not managed efficiently can result in non-compliance, fines, and reputational damage.

Lost or missing products in the warehouse can have serious implications for product integrity and temperature-controlled requirements. The manual tracking and paper-based processes make it difficult to ensure compliance and traceability of hazardous materials, posing a significant risk to the safety and efficacy of the products. Inaccurate data entry and inefficient warehouse processes can lead to delays in product put away, resulting in temperature-sensitive products being left in the warehouse for extended periods, which can compromise their quality and safety.

Workforce Engagement

The challenges outlined above not only impact business productivity and efficiency, but they can also have a significant impact on workforce engagement and motivation. Mundane and repetitive manual tasks such as data entry and paper-based processes can reduce engagement and role motivation, leading to a lack of job satisfaction and increased staff turnover. By implementing warehouse automation and paperless processes, businesses can not only improve their warehouse operations but also increase workforce engagement and satisfaction by freeing up their time for more meaningful tasks. This, in turn, can lead to a more motivated and productive workforce, with increased job satisfaction and employee retention rates.

These challenges can be daunting, and it's easy to see how even the most experienced personnel may struggle to keep up with the demands of the job. That's why it's so important to have the right tools in place to help automate processes and streamline operations.

The challenges faced by warehouse and supply chain personnel are numerous and complex, but with the right tools and processes in place, it is possible to overcome these hurdles and achieve greater efficiency and productivity. Whether it's automating document capture or managing logistics and personnel, having the right tools and processes in place can make all the difference in today's fast-paced business environment.

The Solution: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for SAP documentation flows

Automating document and image capture with tools like Rocket:Lens can help resolve many of the challenges faced by warehouse and supply chain personnel. By eliminating manual data entry and providing a clear and intuitive interface, these tools can help reduce errors and improve overall productivity. In addition, the ability to attach documents directly to SAP systems and automate follow-on processes can help streamline workflows and reduce the time and effort required to manage paper documents.

Having a solution like Rocket:Lens that can help automate the SAP document capture and processing of paper-based documents. With its simple mobile document capture and process automation capabilities, Rocket:Lens can help businesses overcome these challenges and optimise their SAP-based workflows.

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This revolutionary mobile app streamlines your SAP document capture process by quickly and accurately enabling users to scan paper documents and images, convert them into a PDF, and link them directly into the SAP ERP system - all from your mobile device.

You'll also be able to capture, trim, and attach documents in real-time, ensuring that your business processes run smoothly and efficiently.

The challenges of managing paper-based documents can have a significant impact on supply chain and logistics operations. They can lead to delays, inefficiencies, compliance issues, and lost business opportunities. The introduction of Rocket:Lens can help businesses overcome these challenges by providing a simple and intuitive solution for the capture and processing of paper-based documents.

Don't let manual document processing slow down your warehouse operations! See for yourself how Rocket:Lens can transform your processes and streamline your workflow with our short video demo. Experience the benefits of automated document capture and take the first step towards optimising your warehouse operations today. Click now to watch the demo!

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