A focus on design – why Screen Personas can enhance the SAP user experience

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In fact, an astonishing 80% of consumers worldwide would gladly pay extra if it meant getting a better website user experience, such as quicker loading times, a more user-friendly interface, and prompt responses.

Digital experiences are equally important in the business world. Well thought out user interfaces can save employees time, and ultimately money for the business too. SAP Screen Personas is designed to improve usability and productivity by empowering users to create custom user interfaces within SAP. In fact, according to SAP, many Screen Personas customers reduce the time on transaction by 50-80%!

Taking a new approach to GUIs

GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) are at the heart of the user experience. They decide what applications look like and how users interact with them. Many long-time SAP users might be used to the user interfaces of old. But as millennials and Gen Z make up more of the workforce, they will expect more, having grown up as digital natives.

To deliver a better experience, organisations can apply different UI adaptations offered as part of SAP Screen Personas. SAP calls these adaptions ‘flavours’, which can be implemented either as SAP GUI for HTML (mostly used for desktop applications) and the Slipstream Engine (used for mobile devices such as phones and tablets). In addition to the template ‘flavours’, organisations can also customise screens – for instance removing fields that aren’t used, converting free text entry to pull-down menus, and automating keystrokes.

By implementing a standardised design approach across your SAP applications, it’ll be easier for users to work across platforms and allow them to work more accurately.

Get the inside track on Screen Personas with UKISUG

To support organisations looking to improve their user experience, our UX SIG chairs are hosting a Screen Personas workshop the 7th September to answer members’ questions and help them make the most of the tools. The workshop will cover how to use SAP Screen Personas to bring the SAP Fiori user experience to users. The sessions will also discuss how both users and developers can use Screen Personas.

Register for the session to get the inside track and don’t forget to join the UX SIG, so you don’t miss out on future sessions.

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