Results of the International Survey on Usage of SAP Solution Manager by Customers

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SAP User-Group Executive Network


Results of the International Survey on Usage of SAP Solution Manager by Customers

Users Groups From Across the Globe Collaborate To Share Experiences to Improve Maintaining and Enhancing SAP Applications

Newtown Square (US)/Walldorf (DE)/’s-Hertogenbosch (NL), July 5, 2012 – SAP User-Group Executive Network (SUGEN), a global network of 16 SAP user groups, today announced the results of the international survey on the usage of SAP Solution Manager, the first initiative of the International Focusgroup for SAP Solution Manager.

SAP Solution Manager supports Customer Centers of Expertise in maintaining SAP solutions as well as in expanding the installed base of SAP solutions. With the recent launch of SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SAP provides a comprehensive management solution for heterogeneous SAP solutions.

The International Focusgroup for SAP Solution Manager is a forum designed to exchange best practices and increase the strategic awareness of the application of SAP Solution Manager. In an open conversation with solution management of SAP AG, the Focusgroup aims at improving the fit between users’ needs and SAP’s development. The international Focusgroup for SAP Solution Manager is part of SUGEN as a specialized group within the ICCC (International Customer Centers of Competence).

“The survey results demonstrate that users all over the world are increasingly applying SAP Solution Manager as the tool of choice to manage their SAP applications. They show the benefits of participating in user group programs, and the need for increased engagement with SAP, said Casper de Weerd, chair of the Focusgroup for SAP Solution Manager and chair of the Special Interest Group for SAP Solution Manager of the Dutch-speaking SAP Users’ Group, the VNSG.

The survey for SAP Solution Manager is a follow up on a similar survey conducted in Germany in 2009. It received a response from over 100 SAP customers outside Germany. The survey findings show a strong use of SAP Solution Manager, often in combination with related non-SAP tooling. Main areas of application are Monitoring and Change Management. Slightly less than half of the respondents use SAP Solution Manager to support new developments (Implementation Tools). SAP Solution Manager gives greatest benefits in the area of simplified Application Lifecycle Management. These results are in line with the results from the German survey.

“The input collected by the Focusgroup shows a good mapping between the survey results and SAP Solution Manager 7.1 key investment areas, being Mission Critical support for SAP as well as non-SAP applications, Impact on TCO, and Value Generation, said Matthias Melich, VP ALM Solution Management within SAP AG. “We are encouraged by the level of response to the survey and the opportunities we have to collaborate with customers to improve their experience with SAP. 

“The survey shows that SAP customers have a need to share their experiences and requirements on SAP Solution Manager. The ICCC, the international community of SAP Customer Competence Centers, supports this. It is dedicated to deliver the voice of the SAP Community in the area of service & support and engages in a continuous dialogue with SAP to fulfill the needs of the customers. The ICCC is a global community in the SUGEN ECO system, said Frans de Roy van Zuijdewijn and Andreas Oczko, Co-Chairs of the ICCC.

The Focusgroup for Solution Manager will use the results of the survey to set priorities and to identify key areas for the exchange of best practices. The feedback will provide additional guidance to SAP as it expands service and solution enhancements as well as influence the SAP Solution Manager product roadmap.


Established in 2007, SUGEN is a global network of sixteen user groups designed to facilitate open, honest dialogue between members and SAP. By working together, SUGEN members provide consolidated strategic influence priorities and work with SAP to resolve them, provide an effective and efficient method for communication among user groups and SAP, and share best practices between users groups and SAP for the mutual benefit of all.

Current members include AFSUG (Africa), ASUG (North America), ASUG Argentina, ASUG Brazil, ASUG Mexico, AUSAPE (Spain), DSAG (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), INDUS (India), JSUG (Japan), SAPSA (Sweden), SAUG (Australia), SAP UK & Ireland User Group, SBN (Norway), SUG-MENA (Middle-East, North Africa), USF (France), and VNSG (Netherlands).

The members of the elected SUGEN leadership team are William Khalil (SUG-MENA, Dubai), Otto Schell (DSAG, Germany), Richard Thorpe (AFSUG, Africa), Don Whittington (ASUG, US and Canada) and Tonnie van der Horst (VNSG, the Netherlands).

About the ICCC

The International CCC (Customer Competence Center) Community or ICCC, coordinates all user group initiatives with regard to the service & support domain within the SUGEN ecosystem. The ICCC sets up, supports and maintains the overall Service & Support agenda for SUGEN, as well as supports dedicated (Global) Special Interest Group activities for specific service & support topics. The ICCC is co-chaired by Frans de Roy van Zuijdewijn (VNSG, the Netherlands) and Andreas Oczko (DSAG, Germany).

About the International Focusgroup for Solution Manager

Established in 2011, the International Focusgroup for Solution Manager is a network of 14 user groups designed to create a platform for the exchange of best practices in the application of SAP Solution Manager. In collaboration with SAP AG information is disseminated on the best use of current versions SAP Solution Manager and the proposed way forward. The International Focusgroup for SAP Solution Manager is chaired by Casper de Weerd (VNSG, the Netherlands). The Focusgroup is part of the ICCC.

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