SAP to Adjust SAP Standard Support Maintenance Fee for New

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SAP has been involving the SUGEN Leadership Team directly in its on-going discussions on the strategy for SAP Standard Support, and has accordingly taken comments and proposals raised by the leadership team into account in its planning. SAP will inform its SAP Standard Support customers within February about the change.

The list price for SAP Standard Support will change from 18% to 19% as of July 15, 2013. This increase applies only to new contracts with existing or new customers signed at or after this date.

Existing maintenance contracts signed before July 15, 2013 are not affected by this change. These contracts will remain unchanged and will be adjusted annually as before in line with the cost of living indexes being part of the contract.

SAP Enterprise Support and SAP Business One customers will not be affected by this change.

What is particularly important for SAP Standard Support customers is that SAP is announcing this change several months in advance, in order to allow customers to purchase new Software as likely budgeted at 18% until July 14, 2013. This is another example of where SAP has been responsive to a User Group request to provide full transparency well in advance.

All SAP Standard Support customers will be contacted directly and receive a customer letter regarding this change over the next few days.

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