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Business Analytics Forum 13th February
Organisations across the board are switching on to the need to develop new insights and understanding of business performance by maximising the data they already generate and acquire.
Business-savvy IT leaders and tech-savvy Finance leaders find themselves increasingly joining forces to drive profitable performance by shifting the emphasis from simply managing information to embedding intelligent, real-time insight at the heart of business decision-making processes.
We will have our own stand for this Forum so come and find us to talk

Manufacturing Forum 21st March
SAP is committed to helping UK manufacturers of every size and specialism to grow faster and compete smarter. That's why the SAP Manufacturing Forum is designed with you in mind to stimulate fresh ideas and facilitate the sharing of industry expertise so that you can take advantage of real-world success stories, industry best practices and innovation.
You can arrange 1-2-1 meetings with us at this forum, please get in touch with SAP.
[email protected]

Consumer and Product Forum 20th March
The technology exists to enable business transformation and deeper engagement with next-generation consumers and retailers. The question is, how do you align it to your operations to give your products the edge at the point of decision, and achieve your business imperatives in a volatile market?

Join us for the SAP Consumer Products Forum to soak up innovative ideas and inspired best practices that will help you compete and win amid today's extraordinary market dynamics.

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