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 With its latest update, SAP Enterprise Support Academy adds exciting new content and features which will empower people to build up the knowledge and skills needed to fully maximise the benefit of SAP Enterprise Support.

SAP Enterprise Support Academy serves as a single point of access for the services and educational content people need to keep business running smoothly and successfully. The following feature and portfolio enhancements will make this task even easier:


  • Translation of the user interface of the learning studio to Chinese, Japanese and Russia
  •  Localised delivery of selected Expert Guided Implementation (EGI) sessions in German

Productivity and User Experience, e.g

  • Pre-booking: Option to pre-book an expert-led session if no schedule exists or the current schedule does not fit
  • Rating: Option to provide ratings and comments for learning assets that you have completed
  • Navigation: New, additional entry point to asset catalog, structured by delivery format
  • Filter options: Enhanced filter options (e.g. by granular subject areas) for easy content retrieval
  • Calendar: Updated visualisation of the calendar view for expert-led learning assets

Portfolio Updates

  • SAP HANA®: Multiple new learning assets focusing on operations for this game-changer topic
  • SAP Solution Manager: New Accelerated Innovation Enablement (AIE) Live Expert Sessions for SAP Solution Manager  and several EGIs updated to SP8

  • New EGIs: Various new EGIs for Monitoring & Troubleshooting topics

In addition, SAP Enterprise Support Academy has started several activities focusing on the social and collaborative aspects of learning and knowledge transfer:

Customer Panels: Customers present support-related topics and talk about their experiences with SAP support, providing first-hand, peer-to-peer knowledge transfer

Value Maps (Pilot): New, innovative approach to leverage SAP Enterprise Support offerings, organised by business paint point / customer challenge like Custom Code Management, Technical Alerting and Monitoring, Security etc. Value Maps leverage SAP JAM, SAP’s social collaboration tool and are powered by SAP Enterprise Support Academy. The pilot phase will start in Q3 2013 with a focus on Security and Data Volume Management.

To learn more about the new features and content, register for the live Meet the Expert sessions on May 3rd, 2013 (a recording will be made available in the Meet the Expert Replay Library).

Many of these improvements were based on highly appreciated direct customer feedback. This helps SAP  to continuously improve their services and to ensure their customers are enabled to take full advantage of SAP Enterprise Support.

Read in SAP's new success stories how Mitsubishi Electric Automation and NHK Spring have successfully leveraged the services and educational offerings of SAP Enterprise Support Academy.

Looking for more information?

  • Check out the SAP Enterprise Support Academy H1 2013 update slide deck.
  • Sign up for the  subscription service to automatically receive news and information from SAP Enterprise Support Academy.
  • Read the new overview factsheet to find out how you can benefit from SAP Enterprise Support Academy.
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