Central Entry for Maintenance Processes

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A new functionality of strategic importance is Maintenance Optimizer. It will provide central access to all maintenance related activities, be it planning, implementing or transparent reporting. Preconfigured and continual processes make management and maintenance of the whole SAP landscape easier. Maintenance Optimizer is available as part of SAP Solution Manager since SAP Solution Manager 4.0 SPS9. For customers still using SAP Solution Manager 3.2 a version with limited functionality is available with SP15.
Starting April 2, 2007, all corrective software packages, including Support Packages (Stacks) for SAP NetWeaver 2004s and subsequent versions, as well as all applications which are based on this software (including mySAP Business Suite 2005), will be available EXCLUSIVELY through the Maintenance Optimizer in SAP Solution Manager.
For more information please refer to SAP Service Marketplace where you will find e.g. a detailed FAQ section.

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