Large Enterprise Adoption Of SAP HANA Could See Expansion Only In The Long Term

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The company is most well-known for its flagship Enterprise Resource Planning software offerings, which generate over a fourth of total annual revenues. Apart from ERP software suites, SAP also develops software for Supply Chain Management, Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing (BI/DW) and Customer Relationship Management markets.

In addition to these application software offerings, SAP has ventured into the relational database management software market with the launch of SAP HANA in 2011. HANA, which is short for High-Performance Analytic Appliance, is an RDBMS offering from SAP that combines database, data processing, and application platform capabilities in-memory. In other words, the entire data base is loaded from storage into server memory for real time analysis, rather than being processed in increments through repeated read-write activity with storage. Last fiscal year, the company derived approximately €633 million in revenues from the sale of SAP HANA software.

So far in FY2014, SAP hasn’t provided a quarterly breakdown of HANA sales with a comparable base from FY2013. However, the recent quarterly report from SAP suggested an improvement in HANA adoption rates from customers through its bundled offering strategy. Below, we take a look at the HANA offering and its uptake from customers.



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