The Best Recommendation for a Partner

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The reason that we are so proud of this achievement is that a major factor in determining this award is the result of the independent survey of customer satisfaction over the year it reflects your feedback on how we work with you. It also demonstrates that we work closely with SAP to deliver successful implementations and support. This is why we believe it is the best recommendation for selecting the right partner to work with you to deliver value throughout the SAP lifecycle and advance your business.

One of our clients, TNT Express, recently won the SAP EMEA Quality Award for Global Implementation and Roll-out. TNT Express is currently completing a global multi-million roll-out of SAP to 62 countries with assistance from Atos Origin. The programme is already delivering savings in purchasing and inventory, efficient and consistent reporting, and consistent global processes underpinning SOX (Sarbanes Oxley) compliance. Atos Origin brought new focus, energy and a pragmatic implementation style to the project. This, together with strong commitment from TNT Express and a re-energised project team has contributed to the success.

In his comments following the award, Dennis Beard, ICS Director of Infrastructure Services at TNT Express said Their [Atos Origin] reputation for customer satisfaction and quality was a key factor in our choice of partner and they have lived up to their promise.

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