Forrester Researchs published vendor comparison report for InMemory Database Platforms ranks SAP

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Highlights of SAP’s Ranking

  •  SAP is the only company who earned a perfect 5/5 for our vision
  • SAP is also the only company to receive a 5/5 for data management and transaction capabilities
  • SAP also earned a 5/5 for analytics support, performance and scale, execution, market presence, customers, revenue and partners.
  • SAP HANA continues to have the highest adoption, largely because of its distributed and integrated solutions with SAP applications.

Evolution of the In-Memory Database Platform Space

The report describes the evolution of a new space within the broader data management market – In-Memory Database Platforms. This is nicely aligned with SAP’s direction and strategy for HANA.

The Wave graphic and SAP’s profile are included below.

Source: The Forrester WaveTM: In-Memory Database Platforms, Q3 ’15


SAP’s Profile

SAP's razor-sharp focus on in-memory technology is paying off. SAP Hana is an in-memory, column-oriented, relational database management system (RDBMS) that's designed to support transactions and complex query processing on the same data set. SAP has gained more than 7,000 customers since Hana's launch in 2011. (see endnote 1) Its go-to-market message focuses on its multinode distributed shared-nothing in-memory platform, real-time analytics, columnar data format, advanced compression, and data services layer. Today, most enterprises use SAP Hana for in-memory data marts, SAP Business Warehouse, SAP S/4 Hana, and SAP Business Suite; additionally, application development with non-SAP applications is starting to ramp up. SAP continues to invest significantly in Hana in engineering and marketing, specifically focusing on dynamic data tiering, big data, granular security, cloud, modeling, and enhanced levels of automation. For customers that want to leverage in-memory on a cloud platform, SAP offers the SAP Hana Cloud Platform, an open platform-as-a-service providing an in-memory database and application services to build, extend, or integrate business applications. Hana is also available on Amazon Web Services (AWS), although most AWS customers are small and medium-sized businesses. SAP Hana might be overkill for customers that are transactional-only or that do not take advantage of the platform's ability to support analytics, calculation, or algorithm processing within its application logic, since SAP Hana is expensive in comparison with other in-memory solutions.

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