SAP User Group Executive Network SUGEN grows with three additional members

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SAP User Group Executive Network (SUGEN) has expanded adding three members to the established network. They are ASUG Colombia, ASUG North America and SAPience (Belgium).

SUGEN is a global network of nineteen independent SAP user groups. They work together and are a discussion partner of SAP for strategic subjects that are important for SAP customers.

The number of SUGEN members increases to nineteen with the addition of the SAP user groups ASUG Colombia, ASUG North America and SAPience (Belgium).

"Our position as a discussion partner of SAP on behalf of the users becomes stronger with the increase in the number of members and SUGEN broadens its global coverage. We are very delighted to welcome these three members, that meet the criteria we require from user groups to be a part of our network", says SUGEN chair William Khalil.

"It is a privilege for ASUG COLOMBIA, to be a new member of SUGEN. We will work in teams with other user groups to consolidate the strategies that will allow us to influence SAP and will facilitate the adoption of solutions to innovate, optimize and enhance the knowledge of SAP of our companies affiliated", says Maria Victoria Bustamante, Chairman ASUG COLOMBIA.

"Becoming a member of SUGEN is for SAPience and its Belgian members the next step in developing the SAP user network. We are convinced that SUGEN makes the difference in influencing SAP in its roadmaps and product positioning and that this will help SAP customers, also in Belgium, to get the most value out of their SAP investment," says Frank Haes, President SAPience (Belgium).


Established in 2007, SUGEN is a global network of nineteen user groups designed to facilitate open, honest dialogue between members and SAP. By working together, SUGEN members provide consolidated strategic influence priorities and work with SAP to resolve them, provide an effective and efficient method for communication among user groups and SAP, and share best practices between users groups and SAP for the mutual benefit of all.

Current members include AFSUG (Africa), ASUG Argentina, ASUG Brazil, ASUG Colombia, ASUG Mexico, ASUG (North America), AUSAPE (Spain), CSUA (China), INDUS (India), JSUG (Japan), SAP FINUG (Finland). SAPience (Belgium), SAPSA (Sweden), SAUG (Australia), SAP UK & Ireland User Group, SBN (Norway), SUG-MENA (Middle-East, North Africa), USF (France), and VNSG (Netherlands).


 The members of the elected SUGEN leadership team are William Khalil (SUG-MENA, Middle-East, North Africa), David Ruiz AUSAPE (Spain), Stein Ove SBN (Norway), Grahame Reynolds (SAUG, Australia) and Rob van der Marck (VNSG, the Netherlands)

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