SAP engages with start-ups, and makes a mobile marriage at MWC

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At the companys second Startup Forum, SAP professed its hopes that it will find new ideas and increase internal innovation by encouraging more big-data start-ups to use its in-memory database platform, HANA. SAP has even gone as far as opening a caf in Los Angeles where start-ups can meet up!

While at this years Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, SAP announced a partnership with mobile software developer Xamarin; making it easier for developers to integrate their mobile apps with the companys mobile platform.

In a separate interview at MWC , SAP's SVP of HANA and EnterpriseCloud, Martin Heisig, discussed HR and HANA Enterprise Cloud. Martin explained that its integration of with SAP's existing on-premiseinfrastructure offerings that makes all the difference to users. However, he was quick to acknowledge that in the past, SAP has been "not really very brilliant in bringing it all together", but that is now changing. Martin summed up by saying, "simplicity is super important to us; the new mantra for SAP.

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