SAP makes steps to simplify complex pricing and licensing

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One significant change is that SAP has now created a set of 30 new software bundles aimed at certain types of buyers and business processes. The company has now altered its software for corporate treasurers as an example of its better approach to bundling by reducing that application set into two bundles. Whereas a year ago, customers could buy seven different applications carrying a range of different license metrics, making sales and contracts overcomplicated.

Analyst Ray Wang, of Constellation Research, said that the newer bundling "makes sense because you're cutting across business processes. That's how customers really want to buy."

In addition to the new product bundling, SAP also announced changes around named users and cleaned up its price list, all of which are designed to make it as easy as possible for organisations to understand what they are paying for.

On the subject of licensing, it will again be a topic of conversation at this years annual User Conference, so make sure you have signed up to attend!

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