SAP advocates analytics first approach

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Businesses are beginning to appreciate that analytics should form part of IT strategy at the very beginning and that for those companieslooking to gain insight into end users, it should, in fact, be the main focus. Mark Darbyshire, SAPs chief technology advisor discussed the benefits of an analytics first approach, stating that analytics should not merely be an add-on to existing programs and systems, if companies are to reap the real benefits.

However, therein lies the rub. For start-up business, analytics first is easier to achieve; because they are smaller, less burdened with legacy technologies and more accepting of innovative and new technologies. But for many other businesses, from mid-size to enterprise, the desire to embrace analytics is there, but the ability for IT departments to actually do it is more of a struggle.

We know from talking to our members, that many are keen to employ analytics. But the challenge is that they will need the time and resources to be comfortable with the business case (and potential disruption) that a migration to products like SAP HANA, for example, may cause.

Analytics is high on our agenda this year. Well be holding our own Analytics Symposium on June 2nd where we will be examining some of the latest analytics trends and discussing best practices. As ever, we will be working closely with SAP to ensure that our members have the information and support they need in order to make an informed decision when it comes to analytics.

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