SAP customers are fed up with the jargon

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Think they know what the software does

The maker of expensive management software which no one is really sure what it does, SAP is finding that its customers are not a big fan of all the jargon and buzzwords the company uses.

According to BetaNews a survey of SAP customers indicates they are getting fed up with vendor buzzwords and hype and want actual information about how the software works.

The Research conducted by the UK & Ireland SAP User Group is bad news for SAP which has traditionally thrived on the back of its use of management jargon.

More than 80 percent of respondents were skeptical of terms such as "digitalization" and "digital transformation". Fifty-eight percent of SAP customers also believe that vendors over-hype their terminology.

Chairman of the User Group Philip Adams said SAP had a lot to add to a company but needed to be clearer with their messaging.

He told the UKISUG 2015 conference users did not need to hear the buzzwords, they just want to work with SAP practically in ways that define that business case. Users need to understand the process design and the “hands-off transformation advice”

SAP can give them so that they can define strategies and start these projects".

Businesses say they get the idea of digital transformation. More than 30 percent of those surveyed already have a digital strategy and 36 percent of those that do not are still embracing digital projects. Risks associated with digitalization are proving challenging, however, particularly security fears and managing an increase in data flows.

Adams said that the figures show that the majority believe digital transformation is a priority for their organisation.

"I’m sure there are many reasons other firms do not possess a digital strategy, from time, resources, management support, expertise, not being sure where to start,"

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