SAP Learning Hub gets new UI, live sessions and gamification

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In the last six months, SAP has made a flurry of improvements and refinements to its cloud-based education and training center, SAP Learning Hub.

On the surface, SAP completely retooled the user interface, launched nearly three dozen new socialized "learning rooms," brought administrator and supervisor privileges to private versions of SAP Learning Hub and piloted gamification in learning rooms. It also launched a new series of live training sessions and an SAP Education Network for Digital Transformation learning room that's free and available to everyone.

Behind the scenes, even more enhancements have been in play -- for instance, a pilot of a new e-learning framework.

"SAP has changed the whole modality of training and education by bringing it into the 21st century," said Joshua Greenbaum, principal analyst at Enterprise Applications Consulting. "That's the most important thing -- to recognize that the classroom model doesn't work now, especially with a Millennial workforce that's been schooled in the digital, touch-based user experience and has a low tolerance for the boring training methods of the past."

To understand the scope of what SAP has been up to with SAP Learning Hub, rewinding just a few years back reveals that most SAP-focused training was delivered for implementations and new software rollouts -- and in person, in classroom-like environments.

According to Claire Schooley, principal analyst of talent management at Forrester Research, a big challenge for enterprises is making sure that the training is provided as close as possible to the actual use of the application by the employees.

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