SAP design chief talks details of Apple deal

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SAP isn't necessarily known for its design chops or world-class user experience, but the enterprise software giant hopes its new partnership with Apple can change that. "We felt that a partnership with Apple can take that to the next level, both with Apple's expertise in design, but also the ability to optimize those designs natively on iOS devices," says Sam Yen, SAP's chief design officer.

Apple and SAP began exploring potential partnerships more than a year ago, according to Yen, and their respective CEOs met in late 2015 to start to formalize the deal. The goal of the pact is to rethink the entire mobile enterprise experience, according to Yen. Apple's iOS is widely used in enterprise, and "76 percent of all global business transactions are done on SAP systems," according to Yen, so it was a "no brainer" for the two companies to combine their strengths.

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Source: CIO

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