We would like to inform you about SAP’s latest acquisition.

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SAP acquired Fedem Technology, an innovative and forward thinking Norwegian IoT company. Fedem’s software will enhance SAP’s cloud-based predictive maintenance product and services portfolio.

Fedem’s unique advanced engineering experience and proprietary software modules will be built into SAP’s next generation end-to-end IoT solutions for predictive maintenance as well as real time structural integrity monitoring and Industry 4.0 scenarios.

“SAP is the first organization to leverage Newtonian physics to bridge the gap between the digital information technology (IT) world and the physical, operational technology (OT) world”, says Tanja. “Combining SAP’s platform capabilities and services with Fedem’s applications allows us to define a new category of physics-driven IoT applications.”

Fedem currently focuses on offering services in the areas of oil & gas, renewable energy, marine and mechanical industries. The demand for remote monitoring and real-time simulation, especially for expensive assets such as pipelines or offshore wind turbines, is expanding rapidly.

SAP and Fedem see significant opportunity in areas like heavy assets, offshore assets and other IoT assets to create advanced digital models of physical objects in the SAP cloud. The company will be able to harness real time data to model different situations and environments, detect long-term impact of stress and fatigue in order to accurately predict the asset’s end of life.

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