How can SAP support businesses to innovate?

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Innovation is the watchword of the modern business; companies are consistently pushed to innovate in order to remain competitive, improve operational efficiency, and create products and services that appeal to their customers. Increasing numbers of events that focus on transformative technologies are also springing up. London Tech Week itself takes place in June, celebrating the best of British technology innovation, from driverless cars to fashion tech.

In recent months, the pace of SAPs drive towards innovation has also gathered speed; many more examples of how SAP’s own technologies can boost innovation are being communicated to users. For example, the use of SAP HANA by the National Center for Tumor Diseases in the US – where in-memory computing is being used to help researchers visualise and analyse patient data in real time. Or, the timely update on the partnership between the German national football team and SAP, that crunches data to analyse and plan performance on the pitch.

On a smaller scale and with less household names, SAP has also recently announced that SAP HANA is becoming the cloud platform of choice to ‘accelerate innovation’ for all companies. At an SAPinsider event taking place in June, it referenced several customers – from a packaging manufacturer to a sales and marketing consultancy – using SAP platforms to innovate in their use of data, create better mobile apps and reduce supply chain waste.

However, despite the innovation ‘hype’, for many businesses, following a new path can be easier said than done. Often, this is because of the lack of a strong business case for a new project or innovation. Here at the User Group, we strive to bring together businesses of all shapes and sizes at over 100 events each year – to share their experiences and discuss successful SAP projects.

In July, we’ll be holding our Analytics Symposium, featuring Stephen Jamieson, Head of Analytics & Insight from SAP and Timo Elliott, VP, Global Innovation Evangelist at SAP, who will be discussing why analytics are the foundation for digital transformation and innovation. For more information or to register, please visit:

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