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Skills are a key enabler and are the foundation for digital transformation, but lacking skills are among the top barriers to change. The aim of the white paper published by SAP “Knowledge fuels Digital Transformation – Digital Transformation Revolutionizes Learning” is to capture and explain how digital transformation has provided technical opportunities for new learning experiences to meet the changing needs of employees who need to learn and stay up to date with the latest knowledge as a result of the digital transformation.

SAP offers a broad range of knowledge essential for digital transformation in a combination of high-quality classroom education and award-winning digital platforms, including openSAP and SAP Learning Hub. The number of users availing of digital educational services by SAP has grown more than seven times within the last three years to over 1 million people. The learning intensity has increased as well. Digital learners consume on average 4 times more knowledge than traditional classroom learners.

Technology is the driver of innovation in the digital economy. Business and IT need the right skills to define a digital vision for their companies and execution plans for how to get there. Technology knowledge is a key tool to empower all roles within an organization to make informed decisions. Therefore, learning must start at the beginning of the transformation journey and is key to a successful digital transformation. But learning itself is going through a transformation. Digital learning opens up completely new opportunities, enabling continuous, on-demand learning, globalization, individualization, lower cost of high quality education, and much more. SAP provides the knowledge to fuel digital transformation, and are a leader in the digital transformation of learning.

To access the white paper, click here.

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