SAP baffled by lack of S/4HANA awareness in its UK and Ireland user group

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A recent survey by the SAP UK and Ireland user group questioned 296 organisations and showed that 12 percent had never even heard of its 'next generation' business suite S/4HANA, which is built on the in-memory HANA database.

Responding to the results at the annual Connect conference at Birmingham’s NEC centre, Philip Adams, chairman of the SAP User Group UK&I said: “That confused me and I am sure that has created a certain amount of head scratching amongst SAP marketing teams.”

The survey result has certainly kicked off some soul searching among SAP staff, with Cormac Watters, managing director for SAP UK and Ireland telling Computerworld UK: “We have got to figure out how we missed that. It’s very surprising, but it’s a fact. We can’t deny it and we shouldn’t but they are user group members that are inundated with lots of communication and we have missed 12 percent of them somehow."

Watters says that SAP is in conversation with the user group committee to try and get to the bottom of the figure, and will be revisiting some of its communication channels. “We have to have a multi-generational approach," Watters said, "so that the traditional channels that someone of my age will look at may not be the same a twenty something will look at. So are we properly social media-d up to connect with them?

"Do we have the correct account management spread that we are accessing all of the active customers? Or maybe these are so-called dormant customers. That’s one of the changes we are looking at doing anyway, to reinvigorate that dormant account base."

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Source: ComputerWorldUK

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