SAP has signed an agreement to acquire Abakus

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SAP has signed an agreement to acquire Abakus, an innovative marketing attribution company, based in California, UK and Ukraine. The Abakus platform analyzes actual marketing activity across all digital channels in real-time. This enables marketers to understand how their marketing activity is actually working and to optimize their marketing strategy across channels and campaigns.

Abakus utilizes advanced game theory techniques to derive the optimal mix of marketing, and the true incremental lift marketing delivers. As a result, SAP will be well positioned to help customers as spending on digital advertising accelerates.

Abakus will be integrated into the SAP Hybris marketing offering. By combining Abakus’ rich marketing performance management capabilities with the Hybris Marketing Cloud capabilities such as customer profiling, planning and automation, marketers will get unique insight into marketing performance to optimize campaigns and understand customer interaction across channels.

The deal is due to close in January 2017

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