Flexibility, scalability, speed: SAP and Google announce strategic partnership

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Today’s digital transformation is driving rapid change across all industries, and its effects are profound. We are witnessing a paradigm shift with the commoditization of cloud computing and how its openness, flexibility, and scalability is driving digitalization globally. With billions of connected devices and the copious amount of data they generate, we see an ever-increasing demand to store and process distributed data in real-time.

Disruptive technologies – such as in-memory computing and machine learning – make it easier to uncover valuable information and enable companies to turn big data into smart data.

Whenever I speak to customers today, they all have the same concerns: How can we stay competitive in today’s fast pacing environment? Does our IT landscape have the high performance, computing power, flexibility, scalability, and security to meet current and future business needs?

Armed with the power of cloud computing, enterprises are now able to react quickly to business and operational insights derived from big data and turn these into new business opportunities. In contrast to the past, no company, be it a start-up or an established enterprise, can tackle the challenges and opportunities that come with digitalization alone. In a digital economy, it is not about going solo, but about partnering, cooperating, and co-innovating on a global scale.

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