What the IoT can offer for SAP users, and how to make the most of it

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More companies than ever are before are looking to the IoT. Forrester has found that 23% of enterprises are already implementing some kind of IoT solution, and adoption is only set to increase. McKinsey Global Institute Analysis recently predicted, the total IoT market size will grow to over $3.7 Billion by 2020.

SAP itself is working in a number of ways to develop its IoT offering, and the company has just recently partnered with Mitsubishi, deploying the SAP Cloud Platform to enable the automotive manufacturer’s IoT-based technology solutions. In the manufacturing industry, SAP has partnered with robotics firm KUKA to offer manufacturers the means to monitor the factory floor operations in real-time. For SAP users, there are a number of benefits that come with IoT adoption that can be utilised. From a greater ability to collect and leverage data using connected devices to gather live information on operations, create interactive experiences and design new business models, there is plenty to leverage in the IoT that can improve the day-to-day running of an organisation.

The challenge for SAP users looking to deploy IoT technology is to set out exactly what IoT model will suit their business, and figure out how to deploy these new technologies efficiently collaborating and sharing information with other SAP users interested in the IoT, and understanding the different use cases within SAP’s product portfolio, they will be in a better position to reap the benefits.

SAP will be hosting its first global IoT conference, SAP Leonardo Live on the 11th and 12th of July, at the Kap Europa Congress Center in Frankfurt, alongside SAP User Groups from across the world. The conference will focus on collaboration, bringing together the SAP users who will connect and run the digital processes of the future, and offering advice from SAP experts including SAP EMEA President Franck Cohen.

SAP Users who are interested in attending the event can register here.

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