SAP GRC cover the impending GDPR

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Following the announcement around General Data Protection Regulation and associated tools, SAP have been receiving a number of questions relating to compliance and specific products.

As a result, SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions have created a video tutorial, guiding users through the impending GDPR, its affect on SAP products and how best to comply.

Watch the video here.

SAP have also released an official statement to coincide with this:

"SAP is committed to ensuring compliance with GDPR as a company by May 2018. We are also supplying technologies and products that are helping our customers become GDPR compliant. SAP has been consistent in its approach to data protection as part of our general product standards and this is now being extended to reflect new requirements of the GDPR.

"We encourage the European Commission, Member States and National Data Protection authorities to find the right balance between data protection and the development of technologies that can substantially improve people’s lives. In addition, we welcome co-ordination between different jurisdictions, such as the United States, to further develop common goals and approaches on this important topic. This vital topic should be resolved on a global basis."

Take a look at our upcoming events for workshops, webinars and sessions around GDPR compliance. Also, take a read through some of our blog posts relating to GDPR and its affect on SAP users, including On the road to compliance with SAP, Ensuring greater SAP security and compliance and Helping SAP users overcome security and compliance challenges.

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