SAP must reassure existing customers won't pay more if their usage and business scope doesn't change

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Indirect Access has been an important topic for our membership for a number of years.

From a UK & Ireland User Group perspective we have been working with our SUGEN (SAP User Group Executive Network) colleagues lobbying SAP to show greater transparency and empathy towards its customers on licensing and auditing. Over the last year this work has intensified in part due to the Diageo and InBev cases, and concerns we have been receiving from our members.

Good progress has been made on a new model to address the Indirect Access conundrum. This will improve the predictability and transparency in this area, especially for new customers and users who are advancing their ‘digital transformation’ with SAP. The changes the company has made to licensing audits no longer being used as a sales negotiating tool are also very welcome. However, we still have a number of concerns especially from long-standing customers of SAP, who make up much of our membership. As such we will continue to work with SUGEN to lobby SAP to address these outstanding issues.

SAP’s press release can be found on our website.

The full SUGEN press release can also be found on our website, which reflects our position on the work we have been heavily involved in with SAP and other User Groups over many months and the current outcomes.

For more detailed information, there is a webinar on 17th April explaining the new licensing model. Click here to register.

We also have our Licensing SIG scheduled for 7th June where we will explore the new Licensing Model.

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