SAP MaxAttention™ Offers a Broader Range of Support for Digital Transformation

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SAP have introduced a new version of SAP MaxAttention™ services, an expanded premium service and support plan to help customers lower their total cost of ownership (TCO) while digitally transforming their businesses.

SAP MaxAttention provides SAP customers with access to an on-site support team from SAP, technical expertise and hybrid support frameworks. The latest version of SAP MaxAttention has been expanded to cover business and IT needs across all SAP solutions to deliver services and outcomes tailored to customers’ unique focus areas and goals. The updated version enables customers to review the progress of their digital transformation, move a wider range of their solutions to the cloud and choose their parameters of support.

These enhancements address the evolving needs of SAP customers, who require simplified guidance in digital integration processes to help lower their TCO.

“As businesses embark on their digital transformation journeys, nothing is constant,” said Silvio Bessa, senior vice president and head, SAP MaxAttention, SAP Digital Business Services, SAP. “By enhancing partnerships for SAP MaxAttention through increased collaboration, transparency and solution coverage, we’re able to help our customers create positive, proactive change as opposed to feeling forced to react to the disruption around them.”

To provide SAP customers with end-to-end, personalized support, the new and improved SAP MaxAttention offering will provide:

  • Holistic engagement model: To meet both business and IT needs, a leadership team of engineers, service professionals and managers from SAP will collaborate with SAP customers to review the progress of digital transformation, address engagement challenges and provide proactive recommendations based on improved value-based innovation road maps and best practices advanced by SAP.
  • Comprehensive portfolio coverage: From on-premise and hybrid to cloud scenarios, the SAP MaxAttention offering has been extended to cover all SAP solutions, including co-designed solutions and SAP Leonardo technologies. This end-to-end service coverage provides support throughout the entire lifecycle of SAP solutions, and now includes implementation support for cloud offerings, cybersecurity and compliance guidance and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) preparation.
  • Predictable outcomes: Expanding on the “planning” and “safeguarding” baseline engagement levels of the SAP MaxAttention offering, customers can now choose from three predefined engagement levels. They range from implementation planning to the design of customized application architectures. These options are scalable to provide targeted, predictable service outcomes.

Initial user feedback on the latest updates to the SAP MaxAttention offering has been positive.

“SAP MaxAttention has helped us to identify and pursue opportunities that we didn’t know were possible,” said Kimberly Berwanger, senior vice president, Brighthouse Financial. “Regular meetings with the SAP leadership team and access to the transformation hub have helped us take a proactive approach in building our technical foundation. Through the new scalable structure, we can conveniently engage support with proven expertise as our needs evolve.”

“We expect the new SAP MaxAttention to architect our future hybrid landscape and execute flawlessly our journey to optimize the user experience and deliver the best in customer service,” said Ignacio Echevarria, CIO, Coca-Cola FEMSA.

As the demands of the digital economy continue to shift, SAP MaxAttention will evolve to accelerate SAP software adoption both in the cloud and on premise. Find out more about how to take advantage of the latest SAP MaxAttention services. To get more information, watch a live demo or speak directly with a service and support expert at the SAPPHIRE NOW conference, visit the site of the SAP Digital Business Services organisation.

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