Improving user experience in an increasingly complex IT landscape

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Whether it’s via an application, web page or on mobile, User Experience (UX) has never been more important. What’s more, it’s up to organisations to solve this issue themselves.

Enterprise software vendors have taken notice, and in recent years have begun to improve the UX of their products and services. For SAP, this has meant the introduction of tools such as SAP Fiori, Build and CoPilot. For SAP users, simply having the tools is not enough to overhaul their UX, they need to have a UX strategy in place, ensuring that every part of the UX development process is mapped out with the right tools.

Our UX workshop, which took place this week at SAP Clockhouse Place sold out in record time, further highlighting the importance organisations are placing on providing a great user experience. The event featured sessions from senior SAP UX leaders, including Product Managers Kirsty White, Andreas Hirche and Johannes Hefft. The first day looked at SAP’s overall UX strategy and tools, and the importance of a design-led development strategy. For the second day, users chose from a technical stream with hands on Fiori workshops or a design stream, which looked at identifying core UX problems through user research, storyboarding and UI prototyping.

As UX rises in the list of priorities for our membership, the User Group will continue to support users with UX throughout the year. For those who missed out on attending the workshop, we will be holding our UX (Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting in Edinburgh on the 14th of May, which will educate users on SAP’s ongoing UX strategy, explain how cloud services can help and share one customer’s story as they moved from SAP GUI to Fiori. More details will be announced in the coming weeks.

This will be followed by a second SIG in September covering the latest issues in UX for SAP users.

If you’d be interested in getting involved in hosting a SIG for the user group, please contact [email protected] for more information.

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