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The Bread is Going Green

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Roberts Bakery

Bread going green is not usually a good thing, but that is exactly what is happening at Roberts Bakery, a fourth-generation family run bakers established in 1887. Employing 800 staff, with 2000+ customers and 90 delivery trucks - Roberts were looking at ways to reduce paper and improve operational processes. Within their back office and supply chain they were using an SAP solution across all of their UK sites but had a challenge with deliveries.

The delivery drivers were using manual paper-based systems for processing delivery drops which was error prone, inefficient and time consuming. In addition, when the drivers returned to the depot there was a lot of paperwork and back end system processing into SAP which caused delays with invoicing and was not environmentally friendly.

The solution was to integrate an SAP Proof of Delivery (POD) application into the SAP supply chain operations. The entire process was automated and included functionality such as vehicle checks, customer order changes, returns and promotional marketing. The application integrated into CoPilot to provide satellite navigation, in addition to sign-on-glass and image capture. Removing and eliminating duplication of work from the customer service team also allowed Roberts to help customers more efficiently, improving the company’s customer service levels.

The successful implementation of the SAP Proof of Delivery app resulted in:

  • Reduced back end system processing which meant the company could invoice in real-time.
  • Reduction in errors due to manual processing.
  • Increased pace of delivery process as the application was easy to use and covered all functionality required by the driver.
  • Reduction in printing and scanning costs with 2.5million pieces of paper being removed from the delivery process.

SAP Proof of Delivery

SAP logistics specialists - The Config Team, developed the SAP Proof of Delivery solution as part of a suite of applications designed for making the SAP supply chain mobile across warehousing, manufacturing and distribution centres. The suite of applications run on Movilizer, a leading Global Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) from Honeywell.

Take a closer look at our video: Roberts Bakery SAP POD solution.

Rise Up Against Plastic

Minimising paper used within the delivery process is just one area where Roberts Bakery are trying to make an environmental difference. Last month saw the launch of their #RiseUpAgainstPlastic campaign which has seen a 53% reduction in plastics used within their packaging. The Config Team are delighted to be working with a challenger brand who are making a difference one step at a time.

If you have any questions about the SAP Proof of Delivery app or mobility within the SAP supply chain for your organisation, then get in contact.

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