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Stuck with an aging, legacy on-premise SAP system, PFC Brakes was challenged by an infrastructure that could no longer keep up with their fast pace of business.

PFC Brakes tapped Velocity for a full-stack solution, enabling them to completely transform and modernize their infrastructure. This meant an upgrade of its existing SAP solution to S/4HANA, as well as executing a migration to the Amazon Web Services platform.

Realised Results:

  • A more scalable, stable system gave PFC Brakes peace of mind and the freedom to focus on building the business’ future.
  • S/4HANA’s advanced features meant more accurate business forecasting, helping PFC Brakes drive on-time delivery.
  • Real-time, efficient financial reporting through S/4HANA’s Fiore gave PFC Brakes an always current snapshot of financials.

Download the case study to learn how Velocity upgraded and migrated PFC Brakes' existing SAP solution to help them build a system ready for the future.

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