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S/4HANA Simulation Game - Register Today

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You may register as a team or teams (5 is the optimum number for one team) or as an individual and be assigned to a team. You will experience the agility of S/4HANA and gain learning that delivers real competitive advantage to your business. This is an interactive and engaging event that spans 3 - 4 hours and will be informative and fine tune SAP skills. You do not need an S number to take part as all access will be provided, just make sure that your laptop is fully charged - this is the perfect lead into the move to S/4 and will also encompass the Birchman S/4HANA Move package which plots the optimum path according to the existing environment with ring fenced resources, experienced consultants and clearly defined costs and timescales.

The game play session is delivered by an accredited SAP facilitator with each team assigned a consultant from Birchman to listen in to the session. You will get the opportunity to fulfil job roles, absorb data and understand what is working in the highly competitive market place. There are no losers in this game only those that can respond to market forces fastest. There is a prize for the winning team in the form of gift vouchers and everybody will leave with an increased sense of purpose and understanding of the full potential of S/4HANA in the these most demanding times for business. Never has the case for leveraging technology to ensure that your business performs at maximum efficiency been more compelling.

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