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The SAP Stamp of Approval

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The design of both solutions was reviewed against strict criteria including the architecture, performance, scalability, quality and security. The deployment, table entries and uninstallation properties were all examined, with test data used to test the functionality of the products to confirm they run successfully in the SAP environment.

Both CodingControl and IDoc Management Console successfully passed all testing and met the SAP criteria, offering confidence to customers they are implementing an SAP certified product.

IDoc Management Console

The IDoc Management Console allows instant access to IDocs through a simple and intuitive interface. Significantly reducing re-processing time, any failed IDocs are instantly flagged up without the need to view several transactions, and in-depth investigations can be completed quickly by SAP to determine failure reasons. With the ability to be implemented in a short timeframe, customers can be up and running and benefitting from IDoc Console Management within a matter of weeks.


CodingControl eliminates the need for manual data entry into production line coding and labelling devices, allowing control of all production devices, including primary coding, case labelling and pallet labelling, from one central platform. Data is sent directly from SAP to all devices simultaneously, reducing the downtime involved with re-programming each device manually. Templates can also be previewed and confirmed in SAP before they are sent to the devices to ensure quality control

Proven SAP certified solutions for more than six years, both CodingControl and IDoc Management Console have been developed by our product innovation team and are part of a range of innovative solutions to enable effective integration between SAP and hardware, devices and 3PL.

The latest certifications are testament to the continued dedication of our product innovation team, as our Product Manager, Geoff Gray, explains: “While our product team is continually looking at new and innovative solutions to improve efficiencies within SAP-managed supply chain environments, we also work hard to ensure our existing products are maintained and updated to work with the latest technologies and SAP enhancements. These two new certifications are the result of the continued work to ensure we offer the very latest SAP integration solutions and it is fantastic to have this recognised by SAP."

For further information on CodingControl, IDoc Management Console, or any of our other innovative solutions

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