How the User Group can help your organisation save on SAP training

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Demand for SAP skills is skyrocketing. Education platform Udemy revealed that SAP was the fastest-growing training course in its process and tools category requested last year. In addition, as SAP products continue to advance, users are struggling to keep up; a global study from Michael Management revealed that 42 per cent of respondents hadn’t received enough SAP training on tasks that are central to their jobs.

With a rising demand for SAP skills and training, there’s never been a better time to access the SAP Learning Hub. The comprehensive learning platform offers more than 5,000 courses, giving users access to a social learning experience with peers, trainers and experts. However, we recognise that training resources can be expensive, especially for smaller organisations. This is why the User Group is pleased to offer members SAP Learning Hub Professional Edition Licences at a discount of up to 67 per cent. Each Hub Licence will be £780 + VAT per member user for 12 months.

As a small business, independent retail chain QD stores needed to find a way to provide effective SAP training to employees without breaking the bank. For the company, being able to access the SAP Learning Hub at a discounted rate through the User Group has been extremely beneficial. “For a small business such as ourselves, such discounts don’t come along very often,” says Simon Bacon, SAP Operations Manager at QD Stores.

Over the last six years, the QD team has relied on SAP Learning Hub, using the training resources on offer to grow its knowledge even in niche areas such as layout modules. “Before any project, we use the Learning Hub to enhance our skills and learn before starting development,” explains Simon. Today, the QD team is nearly self-dependent after using a combination of Learning Hub, resources from the User Group, and User Group SIG events.

You can find out about additional savings available through the User Group here. This includes SAP Live Access, which offers online classroom training on-demand, and Certification in the Cloud, which provides access to SAP’s online qualifications.

For those who have just signed up, SAP presales engineer Mishka Maharaj recently hosted a webinar on some tips and tricks for first time users, which can be found on demand here.

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