How to harness chatbots in your SAP environment

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With 67 percent of businesses expected to be using messaging over the next two years and over 85 percent of client-company interactions expected to be handled by robots this year, chatbots are fast becoming an essential enterprise technology.

However, without previous experience of designing and deploying chatbots, it can be difficult to know where to begin. In order to address this, the User Group and SAP are hosting a virtual, hands-on conversational AI workshop as part of our UKISUG Digital Showcase series.

The three-hour session, taking place from on the Thursday the 3rd of September, will help users to build their first chatbot using the SAP Conversational AI platform. No development skills are required, as the session is designed for members who are looking to gain foundational knowledge and learn how to use SAP’s code-free platform.

Even users with no prior experience will be able to build and test chatbots with live demo data from SAP, which will be utilised to deal with user requests and program responses using the SAP Conversational AI skills feature. Following this, users can deploy their chatbots to several SAP services such as Fiori apps and third-party messaging apps like Telegram, before learning how to manage performance and update chatbots over time.

Members will be able to attend the Conversational AI workshop at no extra cost. Non-members who are interested in attending can click here for further details.

This conversational AI workshop will be one of several events designed to help SAP users hone their development skills, with an in-depth ABAP developers event taking place on the 19th-20th of October. This two-day event will combine lectures with hands-on workshops to give more advanced developers and architects an overview of the ABAP roadmap, information on the ABAP RESTful application programming model (RAP) as well at tips on SAP cloud and SAP HANA development.

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