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Your 5 Step Guide to Convincing Your Boss

Here at UKISUG we do our best to ensure your experience is as educational as it is engaging, so you’re informed, inspired, and equipped with practical, ready-to-implement solutions to solve your organisation’s greatest challenges. And of course, make your job easier.

For this to be possible, you first need to convince your boss that it’s worth it and if you’re looking for help with that message, we are here to help!

Step 1: Review your plans for 2021

  • What are your organisations greatest SAP challenges? ERP? User Adoption? Your path to S/4HANA? Lowering your SAP TCO?
  • Use those challenges as your guide when planning your renewal proposal.
  • Reiterate your top challenges to your boss and position UKISUG, and the huge online community of networking and learning, as the roadmap to effectively navigate and hopefully resolve those challenges.
  • UKISUG offers a host of valuable services under a low-cost umbrella membership which can be proven as significantly better value than alternatives such as research & advisory firms. Also, corporate membership is less than 1 day’s consulting rate from most system implementers.

Step 2: Stress the value of investing in YOUR education

  • More than most professions, the IT landscape evolves at an almost unmanageable pace.
  • Professional development opportunities to learn and interpret new trends and complicated legislation are essential to remain current and compliant.

Step 3: Find the best solution providers for you and your organisation

  • With over 100 partners on our Affiliate Portal, there is no bigger or better place to find add-on solutions or your next consulting partner.
  • If your boss prefers a written request, we took the liberty of getting that started for you too.
  • Open and save the attached document and then feel free to tweak and customise as you see fit!

Step 4: Complete the Request Letter

Step 5: Bring it All Home

  • Commit to a post-renewal briefing for staff so that the membership, best practices and tactics can be shared.
  • We would be happy to set up online sessions for you and your SAP teams to help you get more out of your membership.
  • Implement those ready-to-use strategies and tools you acquire.
  • Solidify your reputation as an SAP guru.

Renewal Letter

Hi [your manager’s name],

COVID-19 has meant organisations, including our own have lost valuable time for a focus on their SAP systems, money to progress or migrate, and resources in general throughout 2020. As a community, we have become inevitably disconnected as it is hard to build and maintain business relationships online.

As we are aware, the pandemic is not going away soon, so the new ‘virtual reality’ will continue and need getting used to.

What if we could reconnect to our SAP peers from across the UK and Ireland all in one place, with an online network furnished with all the latest SAP information? We could focus together as a community and most importantly as a business, on rebooting and rediscovering how to get the most out of our SAP systems. Let’s set up to ensure our SAP team are re-engaged for 2021 with reimagined lengths to our budget, getting both the most out of our current resources and investing into our workforce. We can plan to further reinvest our time into the team’s personal and professional development.

I propose we renew our UKISUG [your membership type] membership and kickstart 2021 with an insight into the entire SAP spectrum via the huge member resource library, giving us access to event recordings, SAP documentation and presentations all in one place.

Within our membership this year, we could take advantage of

  • Over 400 webinars
  • More than 30 Special Interest Group meetings
  • 3 online Symposiums

Let’s drive involvement in the upcoming online events and offers to give the SAP team and systems a well needed boost after the negativity of 2020 via 100s of online events, including short networking sessions and Q&As to discuss ideas and topics with our peers and experts.

We look forward to being welcomed back to face to face UKISUG events at some point soon, but based on the success of the online versions, digital content will remain a key part of the events programme we will take advantage of.

We can give the full wider SAP team access to the community of likeminded peers, experts and partners by ensuring we have every member of the team on the membership at no extra cost. With opportunities to accrue CPD hours and huge discounts on SAP Learning Hub (SAP’s comprehensive training platform) to keep the skills of our workforce up to date. Through UKISUG membership, we can also suggest and be involved in supporting SAP system improvements.

Let’s begin the renewal process today.

Thank you for your support.


[your name here]

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