SAP SuccessFactors Customer Events - December 2020

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Customer Events - December 2020

Learn About Complimentary
Virtual Events

Several teams within SAP SuccessFactors have scheduled virtual customer events for you to join - see below. We are working to streamline this newsletter to make it easier for you to see all the offerings.

Join us for the following customer events -- click the blue buttons to learn more / register for any session. We hope you find the events beneficial!

Product Introduction and Advisory Programs

Join these virtual opportunities to interact with Product Management and provide feedback on new product features and functions.

Product Advisory Panels & Design Advisor Programs

Design Advisors Program for SAP SuccessFactors Opportunity Marketplace

*New Program Starting*

How can my organization better understand the capabilities of our workforce? How do we keep up with the changing needs of the organization and how do we track those changes? Why would I as an employee love the new Opportunity Marketplace? It empowers me with pathways to live my passions at work and create a career truly my own. It is a connection hub for fostering curiosity, inspiration, and action to uplift skills and drive high impact and high contribution careers.

Learn more about the program and how you can participate in our Design Advisors Program for the SAP SuccessFactors Opportunity Marketplace.

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Design Advisors for SAP Work Zone for HR

Enable employee-centric digital transformation: Go beyond a traditional intranet and empower employees with a personalized and intuitive digital workplace solution that provides relevant business insight and applications in one place. Connect employees to boost productivity, increase retention, and drive engagement through communication, communities, and personalized and guided experiences from across disparate systems with SAP Work Zone for HR.

We are offering a new Design Advisors program for SAP Work Zone for HR that will help us to gather customer feedback on the HR content delivered on the SAP Work Zone platform. Our team wants to know what content – including integration cards, guided experiences, workspaces and more – you would most like to see within SAP Work Zone for HR. Click the button below to learn more about the program and to express your interest in joining.

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Beta Programs

*New* Beta Program:
Time Management - Clock In and Clock Out

Many SuccessFactors customers have employees who need to clock in and clock out on a daily basis to submit their working time and to be paid accordingly. To integrate these time entries from their sources (such as clock terminals) to their time sheet, a newly available standard automated integration process is now available for beta testing by customers.

The SuccessFactors application integrates clocked terminal entries to SuccessFactors Time Sheet in near real time. Click the button below to learn more about the beta program and to express your interest in joining.

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*New* Beta Program:
Digital Assistant

SAP SuccessFactors is laser focused on providing your users with seamless, reliable and lovable experiences. In order for us to ensure we are capturing your users’ needs in engaging with our Digital Assistant, we are pleased to introduce a new beta program focused solely on Digital Assistant. Join our Beta program to help determine the future of Digital Assistant.

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*Update* Beta Program: HXM Milestone Awards Beta Program

With 2H 2020, customers will be able to manage these programs in a simple and automated way using SAP SuccessFactors Reward and Recognition. We held interactive kickoff sessions in mid-September. Based on the input we received during these meetings, we understand that the Compensation Cycle is getting started and it will be a busy time for our customers. With this update, the SuccessFactors Rewarding Product Management team has decided to postpone the customer program and re-launch it in the next 6 months.

Note that we are still moving ahead with our Partner Beta Program. For more information about the Partner Program, please send an email to our SAP Milestone Awards Beta Program team here or sign up on our Influence Page here to join!

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Early Adopter Programs

Early Adopter Care Program: Configuration Center

Configuration Center is a new admin self-service tool which has view, download and transport capabilities spread across system configs, feature map and MDF object definitions for Employee Central specific configurations in upcoming November release. This new tool will provide a streamlined way of configurations change management leading to better go-live experience and allowing ease of new feature adoptions! Click the button below to indicate your interest and/or refer to the Configuration Center blog for more details.

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Early Adopter Care Program: Stories in People Analytics (formerly Embedded edition)

Click on the button below to find out how to get started with SAP SuccessFactors Stories in People Analytics (formerly Embedded edition). We will be running regular Early Adopter Care hours for customers and partners - see the schedule in the Community Events Calendar (use Product Advisory filter) or click the button below to link to the blog. No registration is necessary - just plan to attend the monthly sessions, offered in two time zones.

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Early Adopter Care Program: Personalized Learning Recommendations

The following eight languages are supported as of the Q4 2019 release: Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Click the button below to get information about the program, including how to participate.

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Virtual Interactive Programs

SAP SuccessFactors Value and Innovation in Practice events focus on leading practices for solutions and Human Experience Management transformation topics where you have opportunities to meet with solution and transformation experts and peers.

The Virtual Interactive Programs may include interactive discussions, roundtables, customer panels/stories, breakouts, road maps, design thinking exercises and networking opportunities, all with a virtual spin. These events are for customers only.

SAP SuccessFactors VIP Virtual Event Series – Expert Self-Service: Empowering Admins to Take Charge

As System Administrators, the overall system health and function is an essential part of your role. With the constant need to make processes as efficient as possible and to do so at your convenience and self-sufficiency, we offer a series of events to support you, the Administrator user.

Join us in the coming months as we explore the features, processes, and tools you need to succeed and take charge of your self-service!

Click the blue button below to learn more and register for any of the sessions.

Expert Self-Service Series

The December and January sessions in the series are listed below. You can also view and register for upcoming sessions by clicking the blue button.

How to Make the Shift to SAP Cloud Identity Management (IAS)

Take a deeper dive into SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication in
this session. With the help of demos,
we will walk through some of the core features of SAP Cloud Platform
Identity Authentication.

December 2
7:00 AM GST United Arab Emirates
8:30 AM IST India
11:00 AM SGT Singapore
2:00 PM AEDT Australia

December 2
11:00 AM CET Europe
2:00 PM GST United Arab Emirates
3:30 PM IST India
6:00 PM SGT Singapore

Customer Roundtable: Effective Use of the Integration Center Feature

We invite you to join us for a virtual, collaborative 90-minute roundtable
to interact with customers and Integration Center experts to share ideas and leading practices on Integrations success.

December 9
12:00 PM CET Europe
3:00 PM GST United Arab Emirates
4:30 PM IST India
7:00 PM SGT Singapore

December 10
9:00 AM PST Americas
12:00 PM EST Americas
6:00 PM CET Europe

Getting Started with Job Profile Builder

If you’ve made the decision to move forward with Job Profile Builder as a tool to help you achieve your business outcomes, you might be wondering what to do first, or maybe you’re not even sure what the steps are to proceed.

We are here with best practice advice from others who have been on this journey before. Bring your questions as we dive deep into the topic of getting started with Job Profile Builder.

January 14
10:00 AM CET Europe
1:00 PM GST United Arab Emirates
2:30 PM IST India
5:00 PM SGT Singapore

January 14
9:00 AM PST Americas
12:00 PM EST Americas
6:00 PM CET Europe

How to Efficiently Audit & Review Transactions

The audit of employee and other person data is a critical need for compliance requirements and to ensure ongoing data integrity. There are strong tools delivered with the SAP SuccessFactors HXM suite to support your auditing needs.

Please join us for some practical guidance on when and how to effectively audit your person and business/configuration data to meet your compliance needs.

January 19
10:00 AM PST Americas
1:00 PM EST Americas
7:00 PM CET Europe

January 21
8:00 AM GST United Arab Emirates
9:30 AM IST India
12:00 PM SGT Singapore
2:00 PM AEDT Australia

Customer Roundtable: Leading Practices for Role Based Permissions

*For current RBP users ONLY: Limited Session*

Regardless of your current design, it's likely time to optimize your Role Based Permission (RBP) model.

We invite you to join us for a virtual 90-minute roundtable to interact with customers and RBP experts to share ideas and leading practices on RBP success.

January 27
12:00 PM CET Europe
3:00 PM GST United Arab Emirates
4:30 PM IST India
7:00 PM SGT Singapore

January 28
10:00 AM PST Americas
1:00 PM EST Americas
7:00 PM CET Europe

Expert Self-Service Series

Product Roadmap Update

Product Roadmap Update

Join us for an interactive event to learn about SAP SuccessFactors latest Product Roadmap updates. We will share the latest innovations and functionality SAP SuccessFactors plans to deliver in the first half of 2021. You don’t want to miss this session!

February 3
11:00 AM CET Europe
2:00 PM GST United Arab Emirates
3:30 PM IST India
6:00 PM SGT Singapore


Panel: Trends for Employee Rewards and Compensation Latin America - Caribbean

Join this interactive, 90-minute panel discussion focused on Trends for Employee Rewards and Compensation with our Subject Matter Experts and your peers. Share and learn best practices, lessons learnt, tips & tricks, but most importantly connect with your peers and ask them how employee rewards work in practice!

December 1 (in Spanish)
9:00 AM CST México
11:00 AM AST Puerto Rico
12:00 PM ART Argentina
4:00 PM CET Europe

Candidate Engagement Series

Virtual Roundtable - Candidate Engagement

Join us virtually for our SAP SuccessFactors VIP Virtual Round Table Series focused on Candidate Engagement!

Connect with SAP SuccessFactors Product experts from Solution Adoption, Kara Pastorek and Tiffany Boria, as well as customers to learn from one another and knowledge share.

Bring your questions and ideas as these events will be collaborative and informal - we want to hear from you as we help you transform how you are recruiting and engaging your candidates today.

December 2 - Diversity
9:00 AM PST Americas
12:00 PM EST Americas


Should I Stay or Should I Go to Onboarding 2.0?

Join SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding Subject Matter Expert, Product Management, Professional Services, and your peers for a discussion about resources to help you plan your journey to Onboarding 2.0. The event will start with a presentation of the solution, then a quick look at the Roadmap, followed by an open discussion with the audience.

December 15
2:30 PM Europe CET
5:30 PM United Arab Emirates GST
7:00 PM India IST

SAP SuccessFactors Expert (SFX) Accreditation

SFX Training & Accreditation

Take advantage of virtual opportunities to be trained by an Expert Trainer on SuccessFactors products and gain SFX Accreditation.

Virtual SFX India Event - Platform and Jam

Register for this SFX Training session to be enabled by an Expert in a virtual environment on the SAP SuccessFactors Platform and Jam and gain SFX Accreditation. This is enablement for existing customers only. Click the blue button below to register and join us for an exclusive event to get insight from our experts.

December 8 & 9
9:00 AM-1:00 PM Both Days

SFX India Event

Human Experience Management (HXM)

SAP Human Experience Management (HXM) Forum APJ

Charting Digital Courses with Cipla: How to Map a More Efficient Route to HR Transformation

If a reduction of 35% of costs in the HR function and a goal completion rate of 97% in one month alone sounds appealing – we have an event for you!

Nikhil Morade, Global Head - HR Technology & HR Shared Services at Cipla, will share experiences from creating a realistic roadmap, to navigating the different implementation and adoption strategies in the midst of Covid-19, through lessons learned and the tangible results Cipla has seen along the way.

December 3
11:30 AM IST India
2:00 PM SGT Singapore
5:00 PM AEDT Australia
7:00 PM NZDT New Zealand

Efficient Route to HR Transformation

HR Transformation

California’s New Contact Tracing Bill (AB-685 COVID-19) Expert Session

Recently, California Governor, Gavin Newsom signed AB-685 COVID-19: a bill mandating that all businesses operating in the state engage in contact tracing and notify employees of COVID-19 exposure within 48 hours of confirmation on a positive case in their workplace. Join us as we take a look at this bill from a legal, cultural and technological perspective. Dr. Steven Hunt, SAP’s Chief Expert for Work and Technology will facilitate a conversation exploring the potential technological solutions that can be used to manage the requirements of this law, with additional expert insights.

December 10
11:00 AM PST Americas
2:00 PM EST Americas

CA New Contact Tracing Bill

Customer Transformation Advisory Series

We are excited to reintroduce the Customer Transformation Advisory Series for North America. This is a 2-Part Series, 1 session each per month; each session is 2 hours in duration.

The sessions have been scheduled on Thursdays of the second and third weeks of each month from 8 AM PDT to 10 AM PDT. Click the blue buttons below to register for the September sessions.

Important Notes:

There is a limit of registrants per session and no more than 2 participants per company during a single session. We highly encourage participants to coordinate scheduling in advance.

The sessions are live and not recorded to encourage open sharing.

It is recommended that customers attend both sessions, but it is not required.

Registration links are now available for the rest of 2020 on the Events & Webinars calendar on the Community.

Cloud Sustainment Model Part 1: This is session #1 of a 2-part series on how to create a sustainment model for an enterprise-wide approach to support and manage ongoing cloud technology changes. In this session, we will share leading practices on: Establishing Sustainment Framework, Creating Support and Delivery Models, and More.

December 10

8:00 AM PST Americas

Sustainment Model Part 1 Americas/EMEA

Cloud Sustainment Model Part 2: This is session #2 of a 2-part series on how to create a sustainment model for an enterprise-wide approach to support and manage ongoing cloud technology changes. In this session, we will share leading practices on: Establishing a Governance Model, Managing Innovation Changes, and More.

December 17
8:00 AM PST Americas

Sustainment Model Part 2 Americas/EMEA

Product and Process Best Practices

Join these webinars or listen to the recordings to learn the latest HR trends, tips and suggestions for using SAP SuccessFactors products, and more.

Access the blue 'Digital Library' buttons to register for the upcoming webinars below and receive email notifications or watch recordings


User Experience Designed for HXM: Where We Are and Where We Are Headed?

SAP SuccessFactors has a major initiative underway to reimagine the user experience across the HXM Suite. To help our customers understand what has been delivered, and what is to come, we will be regularly sharing with you through this webinar series.

We will provide updates on new features and functionality, and we’ll also plan to do hands on labs with you! We cannot cover everything in one session, but we’ll use this as an avenue to deliver the most relevant information and to help answer questions so you can prepare for any change management and help set expectations. We also expect feedback from you, to ensure we provide you with appropriate answers and/or resources though this journey.

December 1
11:00 AM EST

Digital Library


What's New with the Latest Release

Hear from Product Management and strategic Solution Adoption experts about the exciting new features and tools available for Onboarding 2.0 coming in the Second Half 2020 release. They will also review upcoming roadmap items and answer frequently asked questions regarding Onboarding 2.0. The session will conclude with a resource overview and live Q&A.

December 3
11:00 AM EST

Digital Library

【日本語】新規ご契約社様・新管理者様向けオンボーディングウェビナー(Japanese) New onboarding webinar


This webinar is for those who are new to SuccessFactors. I will guide you through 'Must Know' Admin resources during this webinar.

December 9
10:00 AM JST
8:00 PM EST (December 8)

Digital Library

Employee Central

What's New with Employee Central Global Benefits?

Join us for a webinar to hear of a number of new enhancements for Employee Central Global Benefits. Learn about the new enrollment job to automatically enroll employees in mass, which brings an efficient processing of data for improved performance. User experience is expanded with the ability to process claims and enrollment on a mobile browser, and the addition of Qualtrics surveys allows users to provide feedback on their enrollment process. Also, learn of enhanced administrative features to improve your productivity.

December 8
10:00 AM EST

Digital Library


Exploring Current & Future Capability of Time & Attendance Management in SAP SuccessFactors

Explore what’s new in the 2H 2020 release and learn more about the road map for 2021 and beyond with our new time tracking functionality.

December 16
11:00 AM EST

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