SAP SuccessFactors Customer Events - February 2021 Edition

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Customer Events - February 2021

Learn About Complimentary
Virtual Events

Several teams within SAP SuccessFactors have scheduled virtual customer events for you to join - see below. We are working to streamline this newsletter to make it easier for you to see all the offerings.

Join us for the following customer events -- click the blue buttons to learn more / register for any session. We hope you find the events beneficial!

Virtual Interactive Programs

SAP SuccessFactors Value and Innovation in Practice events focus on leading practices for solutions and Human Experience Management transformation topics where you have opportunities to meet with solution and transformation experts and peers.

The Virtual Interactive Programs may include interactive discussions, roundtables, customer panels/stories, breakouts, road maps, design thinking exercises and networking opportunities, all with a virtual spin. These events are for customers only.

Virtual Round Table: Qualtrics in the Candidate Experience - SAP's Story

Qualtrics in the Candidate Experience - SAP's Story

Join us virtually for an SAP SuccessFactors VIP Round Table session focused on SAP’s story using Qualtrics in the Candidate Experience. Connect with SAP SuccessFactors experts from Solution Adoption, SAP HR and customers to learn from one another and knowledge share.

Bring your questions and ideas as these events will be collaborative and informal. We want to hear from you as we help you transform how you are recruiting, measuring, and improving your candidate experience today. Now is the time to re-think how you are working and engaging to ensure you can easily attract talent!

February 3
11:00 AM EST Americas
5:00 PM CET Europe

Product Roadmap Update

Product Roadmap Update

Join us for an interactive event to learn about SAP SuccessFactors latest Product Roadmap updates. We will share the latest innovations and functionality SAP SuccessFactors plans to deliver in the first half of 2021. You don’t want to miss this session!

February 3
11:00 AM CET Europe
2:00 PM GST United Arab Emirates
3:30 PM IST India
6:00 PM SGT Singapore


Optimizing Mass Hiring Strategies with SuccessFactors Recruiting

Filling positions on a large scale and in a short time frame remains a critical business need. Join us to discuss how you can add greater efficiency to your volume hiring strategy utilizing SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting functionalities and workflows.

February 16
11:30 AM CET Europe
2:30 PM GST United Arab Emirates
4:00 PM IST India
6:30 PM SGT Singapore

HR Operating Model

Evolving the HR Operating Model for the Intelligent Enterprise

As the journey continues for our customers moving toward a future intelligent enterprise, this session explores the elements that create the foundation for success, with HR leading the way. Our speakers and guests will discuss HR’s agile operating model, provide inspiring insights from business leaders and look conceptually at how governance and support may evolve while the enterprise is transforming.

February 23
10:00 AM CET Europe
1:00 PM GST United Arab Emirates
2:30 PM IST India
5:00 PM SGT Singapore

Cloud Sustainment Model: IT and HR working together

Sustainable Operating Model for HR and IT - Latin America - Caribbean (in Spanish)

Join this interactive event with Panel and Roundtable discussions focused on the Sustainable Operating Model for HR and IT in a Cloud Environment with our Subject Matter Experts and your peers. Share and learn best practices, lessons learned, tips & tricks, but most importantly, connect with your peers and ask them the role of HR & IT in this new Operating Model!

Option 1:
February 25 (In Spanish)
9:00 AM CT México
10:00 AM EST USA
12:00 PM ART Argentina
4:00 PM CET Europe

Option 2:
March 18 (In Spanish)
8:00 AM CT México
10:00 AM EDT USA
11:00 AM ART Argentina
3:00 PM CET Europe

Diversity & Inclusion

Fostering a Diverse & Inclusive Culture Powered by SuccessFactors

Executing D&I strategy is more than just about systems and solutions! In today’s market candidates wish to understand what your company stands for and how your strategy translates into the reality of working in the organization. Join us for a discussion and learn how SAP SuccessFactors can help facilitate the journey to a more diverse and inclusive culture.

March 3
11:00 AM CET Europe
2:00 PM GST United Arab Emirates
3:30 PM IST India
6:00 PM SGT Singapore

Expert Self-Service: Empowering Admins to Take Charge

As System Administrators, the overall system health and function is an essential part of your role. With the constant need to make processes as efficient as possible and to do so at your convenience and self-sufficiency, we offer a series of events to support you, the Administrator user.

Join us in the coming months as we explore the features, processes, and tools you need to succeed and take charge of your self-service!

Click the blue button below to learn more and register for the session.

Expert Self-Service Series

Customer Roundtable: Leading Practices for Role Based Permissions (APJ Event)

*For current RBP users ONLY: Limited Session*

Regardless of your current design, it's likely time to optimize your Role Based Permission (RBP) model.

We invite you to join us for a virtual 90-minute roundtable to interact with customers and RBP experts to share ideas and leading practices on RBP success.

March 10
9:30 AM IST India
12:00 PM SGT Singapore
3:00 PM AEDT Australia

Leading Practices for Role Based Permissions

Workforce Management

Efficient Workforce Management Series

A series of facilitated knowledge sharing discussions and customers’ stories are coming in March:

The Digital Workplace - Empowering Today’s Anytime-Anywhere Workforce

A facilitated knowledge sharing discussion to identify how SAP SuccessFactors and EC capability can support your workforce anytime from any device.

March 9
10:00 AM CET Europe
1:00 PM GST United Arab Emirates
2:30 PM IST India
5:00 PM SGT Singapore

Delivering Business Value with Position Management & Multiple Employment

A facilitated knowledge sharing discussion to identify how Position Management capability in Employee Central should enable and support a connect HXM experience.

March 16
10:00 AM CET Europe
1:00 PM GST United Arab Emirates
2:30 PM IST India
5:00 PM SGT Singapore

Exploring Current & Future Capability of Time & Attendance Management

Let's discuss to identify how Time Management capability has evolved to meet customer needs and look into the future of time management with introduction of Time Tracking.

March 24
10:30 AM CET Europe
1:30 PM GST United Arab Emirates
3:00 PM IST India
5:30 PM SGT Singapore

Elevating Payroll as part of your Strategic HR Transformation

A facilitated knowledge sharing discussion to identify how Employee Central Payroll should be an integrated part of your organization HR transformation strategy.

March 30
10:30 AM Europe CET
12:30 PM GST United Arab Emirates
2:00 PM IST India
4:30 PM SGT Singapore

SAP SuccessFactors Expert (SFX) Accreditation

SFX Training & Accreditation

Take advantage of virtual opportunities to be trained by an Expert Trainer on SAP SuccessFactors products and gain SFX Accreditation.

Virtual SFX Southeast Asia Event - Performance & Goal Management

Register for this SFX Training session to be enabled by an Expert in a virtual environment on the SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goals products, and gain SFX Accreditation. This is enablement for existing customers only. Click the blue button below to register for this exclusive event to get insight from our experts and see the full list upcoming events in Southeast Asia.

February 16 & 17
10:00 AM-12:30 PM SGT Singapore (First Half)
1:30 PM-5:00 PM SGT Singapore (Second Half)

SFX Southeast Asia

HR Transformation and Research

Customer Transformation Opportunities - LAC

You are invited to join us for these HXM virtual sessions in the local language for customers in Latin America - Caribbean (LAC). In these sessions, you will hear relevant information about trends and best practices on how to navigate through Digital Transformation to maximize your SAP SuccessFactors solutions. In our roundtables, join open conversations with other customers from the region that will help you gain better adoption, improved productivity and better business results. Click the blue buttons to register (except where noted otherwise).

Note: Additional virtual events are available for customers in LAC in the VIP section above.

Cloud Mindset: Managing SuccessFactors to Improve Business Results

Join us for this interactive session (in Spanish) where customers and Customer Transformation Experts from SAP SuccessFactors will have an open conversation about the key elements for effectively managing a cloud solution.

February 9 (In Spanish)
9:30 AM EST

Cloud Mindset

Agile Change Management for the Cloud

This will be an interactive session in Spanish where customers and Customer Transformation Experts from SAP SuccessFactors will have an open conversation about change management for Cloud Solutions.

February 17 (In Spanish)
9:30 AM EST

Agile Change Management

SAP Innovation Tour - Healthcare Industry

Improve patient outcomes and deliver profitable care by becoming a smart business. Join us and discover from the hands of experts, clients and colleagues how to have a stable supply and distribution chain for medicines and supplies, healthy finances and a highly motivated, healthy and safe staff.

February 17 & 18 (In Spanish)
9:00 AM EST (Both days)

SAP Innovation Tour

SAP HXM Forum APJ – The Deskless Workforce

As much as 80% of the world’s workforce is made up of deskless workers, or workers who complete their work tasks away from a desk and often lack consistent access to information communication technology or internal systems, yet only 1% of software investment is focused on these workers.

During this session, we share findings from a global research study that shows an understanding of who deskless workers are, their key challenges and priorities for their employee experience. And how technology can support and engage, creating a positive employee experience for the deskless workforce.

Speakers: Autumn Krauss, Principal Scientist, SAP SuccessFactors and Russell Porter, Vice President, HR Value Advisory, SAP SuccessFactors APJ & GC.

February 9
9:30 AM IST India
12:00 PM SGT Singapore
3:00 PM AEDT Australia
5:00 PM NZDT New Zealand


The Work from Home Revolution - Think Tank Radio (Recording)

This pandemic has started a work from home revolution. We are hearing that there are no boundaries between work and home and its harder to switch off. Zoom fatigue and lack of human connection is an issue for some. How can employers address and support these concerns and issues? And how can they support the younger employees who perhaps don’t have homes which are optimized for remote working, or rely on being in the office for guidance and support?

Listen to thoughts from Jonathan Pearce at Deloitte and Dr. Autumn Krauss and Dimitar Niklev at SAP SuccessFactors for their take on The Work from Home Revolution.

View the Recording

Product Introduction and Advisory Programs

Join these virtual opportunities to interact with Product Management and provide feedback on new product features and functions.

Product Advisory Panels & Design Advisor Programs

*New* Panel Session: Experience Management – Explore Use Cases for Qualtrics

With the disruption caused by COVID-19, it is imperative now more than ever that organizations take a pulse of their employees. Having focused insights will enable companies to hone in on the most critical programs to ensure workplace safety, remote work enablement, mental health, employee morale, work-life balance and keep employees engaged at work and sustain a new normal way of business.

SAP SuccessFactors Qualtrics’ Product Strategy is to integrate with various Human Experience Management (HXM) product areas. We held an interactive session last April to provide an overview of Qualtrics and our integration requirements. We learned quite a bit from our last Panel session and were able to consider some customer feedback into our requirements and product designs. As such, we would like to continue our collaboration and conversations on this topic and gather your feedback on our upcoming May 2021 and November 2021 releases. Click below to learn more and register.

February 4
10:00 AM EST USA
4:00 PM CET Europe

Learn More & Sign Up

*New* Design Advisors Program: HXM Move

The SAP SuccessFactors team is conducting research to analyze and improve the user experience for managing core HR processes that span Core HR, Payroll, Benefits and Time Management in hybrid scenarios.

Learn more about the new program HXM Move which will help us with this research. The goal of this program is to streamline the user experience for managing processes that span multiple solutions and systems, including the specifics of the hybrid constellation of SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and SAP HXM Payroll & Time.

Learn More & Sign Up

Design Advisors Program: Employee Central Global Benefits

Employee Central Global Benefits is re-imagining the overall end-user experience to provide an intuitive and accessible way for employees to access, be informed about, and utilize their benefits. We invite you to join our Design Advisors Program, where we will examine the needs of both organizations and employees in such areas as the reimbursement process, benefits enrollment, confirmation statements and life events.

As part of this process, we seek your ongoing advice regarding the overall direction of the product, feedback regarding enhancements in development, and how to increase the coverage and execution of the solution to serve you better. The program is expected to run through 2021. Click below to learn more about our Employee Central Global Benefits Design Advisors Program and how to indicate your interest in participating.

Learn More & Sign Up

Design Advisors Program: Total Rewards

Total Reward packages have become increasingly complex, as employers expand the reward program choices to meet the needs of a global and diverse workforce. Feedback from our customers is that a comprehensive view of all elements of an employee's total rewards package is critical to provide employees visibility into total rewards so they can understand and appreciate it.

We are excited to announce that SAP SuccessFactors recently launched a new Total Rewards Design Advisors Program that will run from November 2020 through summer 2021 and allow you to partner with us in designing this new product offering. The overall program objectives are to get your ideas and feedback on all topics that make up Total Rewards, such as base salary, allowances, bonus, benefits, long-term incentives, reward & recognition, and other non-monetary benefits. Click below to learn more about our Total Rewards Design Advisors Program and how to indicate your interest in participating.

Learn More

Design Advisors Program: SAP Work Zone for HR

Enable employee-centric digital transformation: Go beyond a traditional intranet and empower employees with a personalized and intuitive digital workplace solution that provides relevant business insight and applications in one place. Connect employees to boost productivity, increase retention, and drive engagement through communication, communities, and personalized and guided experiences from across disparate systems with SAP Work Zone for HR.

We are offering a Design Advisors program for SAP Work Zone for HR that will help us to gather customer feedback on the HR content delivered on the SAP Work Zone platform. Our team wants to know what content – including integration cards, guided experiences, workspaces and more – you would most like to see within SAP Work Zone for HR. Click the button below to learn more about the program and to express your interest in joining.

Learn More

Beta Programs

Beta Program:
Time Management - Clock In and Clock Out

Many SAP SuccessFactors customers have employees who need to clock in and clock out on a daily basis to submit their working time and to be paid accordingly. To integrate these time entries from their sources (such as clock terminals) to their time sheet, a newly available standard automated integration process is now available for beta testing by customers.

The SAP SuccessFactors application integrates clocked terminal entries to SuccessFactors Time Sheet in near real time. Click the button below to learn more about the beta program and to express your interest in joining.

Learn More & Sign Up

Early Adopter Programs

*Second Wave* Early Adopter Care Program: Career Explorer

Leveraging SAP Machine Learning technology, Career Explorer provides career recommendations to employees based on the career paths of the people in the organization who are similar to them. With Career Explorer, employees can find possible future roles, including those outside of traditional career paths, and set those roles as targets for their career development.

We started an Early Adopter Program for this last year and are now looking for more customers to participate in a second wave of this EAC program.

Learn More & Sign Up

Early Adopter Care Program: Configuration Center

Configuration Center is a new admin self-service tool that has view, download and transport capabilities spread across system configs, feature map and MDF object definitions for Employee Central specific configurations in the November release. This tool provides a streamlined way of configuration change management leading to better go-live experience and allowing ease of new feature adoptions! Click the button below to indicate your interest and refer to the Configuration Center blog for more details.

Learn More & Sign Up

Early Adopter Care Program: Personalized Learning Recommendations

The following eight languages are supported as of the Q4 2019 release: Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Click the button below to get information about the program, including how to participate.

Learn More & Sign Up

To learn more about the Product Introduction and Advisory Programs and opportunities, visit this page on the SAP SuccessFactors Community.

Product and Process Best Practices

Join these webinars or listen to the recordings to learn the latest HR trends, tips and suggestions for using SAP SuccessFactors products, and more.

Access the blue 'Digital Library' button to view all upcoming webinars, including the sessions below, or watch recordings. NEW: Click the date links below to access direct links to sessions.

Digital Library

Solution Demos and Overviews: February - April

Join us for these upcoming solution overview sessions highlighting key features and functionality. Click the blue button below to view ALL upcoming solution overview sessions. Click the date/time link to register for a specific February session.

All Solution Overviews

Reimagined Home Page

February 15 (8:00 AM EST)
February 15 (6:00 PM EST)

End-to-end overview of the new Reimagined Homepage

Work Zone for HR

February 18 (8:00 AM EST)
February 18 (6:00 PM EST)

Easy access to relevant business applications, information

Performance and Goals

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