SAP's Commitment to Customer Loyalty

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Driving Successful Experience Management and Insights to Action for SAP Customers

SAP’s intention is to become the number one cloud provider in terms of customer satisfaction by 2023. Customer loyalty is one of SAP’s four strategic goals, along with growth, profitability, and employee engagement.

SAP recently established the Global Experience Management Office (XMO) to drive the corporate-wide objective of being the XM leader.In pursuit of their charter to identify, measure and track experiences that drive corporate strategies, the XMO oversees all experience KPIs across the SAP organization.

The XMO Team brings together experience and operational data to yield a new level of understanding and insight. It works closely across sales, services, support, product, marketing and HR as well as each of the Lines of Business to develop common approaches and tooling to measurably improve business performance and outcomes for our internal and external customers.

The Insights to Action team (I2A) collaborates closely with XMO and all other business areas/CX stakeholders to drive both account level and systemic improvements including process improvements based on customer feedback.

Enhancing Customer Loyalty

Putting customers first by helping them choose the SAP products that best support their business needs, simplifying how customers engage with SAP, and making products easy and pleasing to use is paramount to delivering this goal.

For SAPs flagship program, the Customer Loyalty survey, enhancements made – among others - including refining survey questionnaire, simplifying contact data selection which include automation and minimized exclusion criteria. Also, timing of the surveys was realigned to avoid software upgrades and end of quarter. Furthermore, an SAP URL was identified to help improve response rate.

Customer Insights through Customer Loyalty research and analysis are shared directly with the executive board, regional and product leadership to incorporate them into the products and services.

The SAP Board set an NPS target range of –3 to –1 for 2020. Based on listening, understanding and action upon the feedback we received from customers, SAP was able to exceed this target in 2020 ending with an NPS score of +4.

SAP issues an annual Integrated Report that goes beyond the financial results. SAP discloses a wide range of data intended to provide any stakeholder a clear picture of our company’s performance including NPS metric.

Acting on Customer Feedback

In 2020, SAP´s I2A Team implemented a collaboration model with all Regions, Solutions and Services in order to ensure customer feedback is used to improve the way we operate and to collaborate with customers on remedial actions that address areas for improvement.

Feedback from customers is important to enable SAP to align their business to our customers’ expectations.

Actions that have been implemented based on customer feedback include:

  • SAP Road Map Explorer is an interactive tool that supports a customer's journey to SAP's future product portfolio and the Intelligent Enterprise.
  • The digital customer companion SAP for Me.
  • SAP initiated a new Customer Success engagement model and established the Customer Success Executive role, providing direct support in planning and executing on a more defined value lifecycle.
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