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Warehouse Management

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Warehouse Management.

The future is not as far away as some might think. The warehouses of the near future may not look like scenes from science fiction movies, but there will be fundamental developments to meet increased customer expectations. Robots, drones, connected forklifts, GPS, etc. will take over almost the entire warehousing and order processing functions, based on real-time data and networked systems.

S/4HANA – next generation warehousing.

Whether your warehouse is manual or automated, large or small. We can help you leverage your S/4 investment to the max with innovative solutions that drive productivity, efficiency, and value add in any warehouse environment. With over 30 years’ experience implementing SAP warehouse solutions, you’ve come to the right place.

What is S/4HANA EWM?

To enable supply chain networks to respond to changes and provide the required flexibility, warehouse execution needs to be seamlessly integrated into the entire supply chain to monitor exceptions and to provide insight into planning and operations.

Keeping a warehouse running smoothly clearly depends on transparent and accurate inventory – and wise and flexible resource management. To maximize productivity, you must automate and optimize traditional warehouse operations – from goods receipt, through storage, to packing and shipping. You also need to make the most of human resources and equipment assets, by implementing techniques such as interleaving tasks and implementing controls for space and equipment usage. S/4HANA EWM helps you meet these objectives.

EWM at a glance. Operational excellence. Warehouse Management with Westernacher Consulting


  • Reverse logistics
  • Asset utilization
  • Visibility & transparency
  • Stock transfers
  • Production supply
  • Warehouse automation
  • X-Docking
  • Yard management
  • Contract logistics
  • Shuttles & conveyors
  • Integration with Transport Management and Yard Logistics
  • Labor management
  • Mobile devices

1st EWM partner to implement:

SAP EWM worldwide as a partner of SAP
S/4 EWM decentral worldwide
SAP EWM in China
EWM-MFS in Asia
EWM with mobile robots worldwide

Westernacher Consulting – the warehouse experts.

With more than 30 years of expertise in warehousing, we combine industry business and process knowledge with SAP expertise to drive the best business results. We will help you find the best fit for your needs and guide you to operational excellence through innovation. We are the right partner to deliver your global solutions with local consultants.

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