How RISE with SAP Empowers You to Move Forward with the Business of Transformation

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By Chance Veasey, SVP, Product Management, Navisite

Large ERP providers such as SAP are often associated with long-term, complex implementations or upgrades that can take many months to complete. For companies looking to move to the cloud and S/4HANA, the prospect of such an undertaking can be daunting, especially because many of the processes involved—finance, supply chain, manufacturing, etc.—form the very foundation of the business.

Customers want to modernise on S/4HANA, but the resources and technical complexity involved can be prohibitive. SAP has recognised these challenges and taken a unique approach to solving them with RISE, its new subscription-based solution for business transformation, by meeting customers where they are at on their journey and bringing together the partner ecosystem to support them.

SAP RISE: Tailored to Different Starting Points

One of the key elements of RISE is its alignment with the customer journey. The reality is that there is no one-size-fits all solution. SAP has found that organisations generally fall into one of four starting points for digital transformation, each requiring a unique path forward:

  • Digitally driven businesses that need to scale with speed – Companies in this category are digitally grown startups and other innovators that have already embraced standardised processes and cloud architectures, but need solutions that can scale, grow and push them forward at an increasingly fast pace.
  • Early adopters of cloud ERP that are ready to go further – These companies started their journey into the new world of modular ERP cloud applications but are in the very early stages and aren’t yet seeing the power of true transformation—so they’re looking to take the next step.
  • Edge innovators that need to focus on their core – Edge innovators are organisations that have started digital transformation at the outer edges of their businesses—moving selective markets, processes or businesses to the cloud—but now must determine how to link those innovations to the core of their businesses.
  • Established companies with complex on-premises systems – Companies with a longer heritage and history tend to be saddled with complex—and often highly customised—on-premises architectures that, despite delivering for decades, are expensive to manage and maintain, and that limit the organisation’s ability to adapt and innovate quickly.

Each starting point requires a unique path forward—and no two paths will be the same. In recognising this reality, RISE has made it much easier for companies to move to S/4HANA by combining everything customers need in a highly customisable, subscription-based “as-a-service” model. (for more background on RISE, read my blog: RISE with SAP: SAP Launches New Offering to Accelerate, Simplify Digital Transformation).

Here’s how SAP describes its RISE offering:

“RISE with SAP brings together the solutions and services you need for true business transformation – in one package – regardless of where your business stands now or where you want it to go. It is SAP and an entire ecosystem of partners helping you chart your change on your terms and your timeline.”

RISE enables companies to overcome the traditional roadblocks to the cloud while helping them shed any existing apprehension around digital transformation projects. SAP and its partners do this by empowering companies with the expertise, guidance and the tools required to move forward with the business of transformation in a highly customisable, modular fashion that is uniquely tailored to where they are in their journey.

The End Goal: The Intelligent Enterprise

Though each company’s migration roadmap is different, the destination is the same: achieving the promise of becoming a digitised and Intelligent Enterprise. Adopting S/4HANA is the foundation for achieving those goals. By removing many of the traditional roadblocks and enabling customers on their journey, RISE offers a powerful solution for getting there. In fact, in data taken from IDC studies, SAP has found that customers can expect up to a 20% reduction in TCO over five years for SAP S/4HANA Cloud as compared to a traditional ERP deployment.

Upcoming Webinar on RISE with SAP

To learn how RISE can support your business, join our webinar on Wednesday, May 12, at 11 am ET/4 pm BST: RISE with SAP: Why It Matters and 5 Ways It Will Benefit Your Business. We’re bringing together leaders from SAP and Dickinson + Associates (D+A), a Navisite company and SAP Gold Partner, to discuss five ways RISE with SAP can benefit businesses.

The webinar will cover the following areas:

  • What is RISE and why it matters to your business
  • Recommendations on next steps—quick and easy places to get started
  • A look at how RISE can de-risk and support your move to S/4HANA

To register for the webinar, click here.


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