Getting the most out of our Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

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Whether you are a long-term member or have only recently joined, you’ll probably be aware that there are many facets to UKISUG membership. With that in mind, we wanted to highlight our Special Interest Groups (SIGs), including what they are, what they do, and why you should get involved!

What is a SIG?

UKISUG currently has 25 SIGs, most of which focus on a particular SAP application or vertical sector. The idea behind SIGs is that they bring together members with similar expertise or focuses to share ideas, experiences, and advice. It is worth bearing in mind that SIGs are run on an almost entirely voluntary basis, by a number of committed individuals who give freely of their time despite hectic work schedules.

Most of the SIGs meet four times a year, with content dictated by members. Of course, as a result of the pandemic, these meetings have been taking place virtually – with a total of 43 online SIG events taking place in the last year. However, we are hopeful that some face-to-face meetings will return later this year.

To SIG or not to SIG

So why should you join a SIG? The main benefit is that a SIG can help to amplify your voice on specific issues. It’s easier for an issue relevant to a particular sector or industry to be pushed to the fore if more people are talking about it. It’s also an opportunity to share knowledge, challenges, and solutions with likeminded members in similar sectors.

The SIGs provide a platform to share experiences so you can learn from others and others from you. As with so much about the UKISUG, mentoring, teaching, and guiding other members can make a huge difference to our wider community. Joining a SIG will not only benefit you, but also other members in the group.

Not sure where to start?

There are a number SIGs that meet regularly, including Analytics, Audit Control & Security, Payroll, Ireland, Retail, and Public Sector groups, alongside many more. Looking at the weeks ahead, events are being hosted by the Financial Excellence SIG on the 11th May and the Solution Manager SIG on May 13th – and that’s just the next few weeks. In addition, we also recently hosted SIG coffee sessions that you might have read about on the blog.

As ever, we want as many members as possible to make use of what we offer, and SIGs are a great way for members to get more from the UKISUG. If you’re already in a SIG and would like to play a role such as hosting a talk or event – please do get in touch with your SIG chair or contact us directly. Equally, if you think a sector or market is missing and needs to be represented, why not get in touch with us to discuss your ideas – it’s always great to hear from our members and share ideas.

You can access our full list of current SIGs at the following webpage:

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