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While on a much bigger scale, the issue in Egypt highlights the knock-on effects that come with the supply of goods being halted, something that is a real risk in all supply chains, whatever their size. The key to maintaining efficient operations is to identify potential risks and issues that could slow down or halt processes before they happen and take action to ensure disruptions are kept to a minimum.

Businesses are under continued pressure to reduce delivery timeframes, with ‘next day’ rapidly becoming the expected normal, which is in turn leading to a greater demand for more efficient supply chain operations. Warehouses are required to manage a larger volume of stock, which moves through the supply chain quicker, with accurate inventory data and with greater traceability.

The role of analytics within this process is key to ensure goods and services continue to move efficiently through the end-to-end operation. Access to real-time metrics anywhere, anytime, allows supply chain managers to interpret data on the move to influence stock movements, re-deploy resources and maximise asset utilisation to ensure customer deliveries are always fulfilled on time and in full.

SAP Supply Chain Analytics

PreBilt for Analytics eliminates the need to download and run reports from desktop computers and instead generates live data from SAP to enable real-time metrics to be accessed and used to inform key operational decisions. These key insights ensure warehouse managers have visibility of the current status of any activities across the end-to-end supply chain process.

Having access to these metrics at the touch of a button, from any mobile device, will help operations teams ensure daily targets are met by being able to take prompt action to resolve any issues. The app features red, amber and green status updates to highlight where current operational issues are, ensuring any bottlenecks are quickly identified and allowing resource to be deployed to key areas of focus to maximise productivity.

Included as standard with any combination of our SAP IM / WM and EWM mobile applications, PreBilt for Analytics is quick and simple to deploy, meaning it can be easily incorporated into existing processes and devices or installed alongside new mobility implementations.

PreBilt is a comprehensive suite of mobile applications, which have been designed to digitise any supply chain process within warehousing, manufacturing and distribution centres. To find out more about PreBilt for Analytics, or any of the other out-of-the-box apps in our portfolio, please get in touch.

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