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Your UKISUG November Monthly News
Friday 17th November 2017
Your UKISUG October Monthly News
Thursday 19th October 2017
Your UKISUG September Monthly News
Thursday 21st September 2017
Influencing Newsletter September 2017
Thursday 14th September 2017
Your UKISUG August Monthly News
Thursday 17th August 2017
Your UKISUG July Monthly News
Thursday 13th July 2017
Influencing Newsletter July 2017
Tuesday 4th July 2017
Your UKISUG June Monthly News
Friday 16th June 2017
Symposiums, SIGs & S/4 HANA...
Monday 5th June 2017
Your UKISUG May Monthly News
Thursday 18th May 2017
Influencing Newsletter May 2017
Thursday 4th May 2017
Our Spectacular Summer SIG's...
Wednesday 3rd May 2017
Your UKISUG April Monthly News
Thursday 20th April 2017
Influencing Newsletter March 2017
Friday 31st March 2017
Your UKISUG March Monthly News
Friday 17th March 2017
Your UKISUG February Monthly News
Thursday 16th February 2017
Your UKISUG January Monthly News
Friday 20th January 2017

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18 minutes ago

Everything you need to learn about the #S4HANA ERP Cloud in one 45-minute can’t-miss session. Hear from @SAP’s Glob……