Series 8 Episode 2: Sensory Overload - How to shut out the noise

In this week’s episode of SUGTalks, Craig is joined by Chezzy Kennedy, Neurodiversity Director and Simon Nichols, Wellbeing Director at Thrive to discuss sensory overload, from what it is and how it manifests to the best methods for coping with it. In addition, Chezzy and Simon share their top tips for how employers can support staff that might suffer from it.

You can access previous and upcoming mental health sessions from the UK & Ireland SAP User Group here:

Today's Guests:

Chezzy Kennedy, Neurodiversity Director at Thrive
Simon Nichols, Wellbeing Director at Thrive

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This episode's Hosts

Chezzy Kennedy

Neurodiversity Director


Simon Nichols

Wellbeing Director


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