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Developing your current product

Your UK & Ireland SAP User Group is one of several global user groups working with SAP to help them connect to their customers and allow them to voice their opinions/ideas on how to improve their products. This solution is called Customer Connection.

The structure of the newly designed system, promises to be more effective than the previous development request process, where members have experienced requests taking up to three years to process resulting in the request being deemed invalid.

This promise is kept as SAP allocates development time to work on each Focus Topic cycle.


How long does the process take?

Overall, SAP guarantee that a Focus Topic cycle will take no longer than 9 months. The cycle is broke up into 4 different phases:

  • Collection - For approximately two months customers will be asked to submit Improvement Requests relating to any of the available Focus Topics
  • Selection - SAP will analyze the requests and determine which will be developed. This process is usually about 4 weeks
  • Develop - SAP work with the customers involved in the Improvement Request for up to a further six months which time the enhancements will be implemented.
  • Use - This phase is when the product is ready for customers to download

Where can I view information on Customer Connection and get access? Under the Influencing SAP platform you can search for Focus Topics by Line of Business, Products, Industries and Localisation. Once you have found the area which is relevant to your company you will see three columns, the first column on the left if there is a topic you will see a blue button next to it with ‘CC’ inside. If you like the Focus Topic and would like to get involved there is a log on button in the top right side of the website.

How can I suggest a new Focus Topic for consideration in Customer Connection?

SAP and User Groups can both raise Focus Topics for consideration in the next quarter. Attending Special Interest Groups allows you to get involved in the discussion of potential Focus Topics, if the SIG chair and SIG attendee agree that your idea will be beneficial, the SIG chair will raise this to SAP. Once this has happened SAP have a selection team that choose the Focus Topics. This team considers whether the Focus Topic is a fit for the program and if the request will have enough input from all members from SUGEN. If the requested topic is deemed as appropriate, it will be scheduled for a future quarter.

Is there a section in Customer Connection just for UK & Ireland members?

As the Customer Connection is a global program, your UK & Ireland SAP User Group understands that sometimes there will be discussions with the UK & Ireland that does not affect the rest of the SAP world. We have a section in the Influencing SAP Platform which allows our member to create Improvement Requests and work on them within the UK & Ireland. You will find that this will be beneficial as you can put in ideas as and when you want rather than wait for a Focus Topic to be released.

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