SUGTalks – Our New Podcast Has Launched!

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We are excited to announce we’ve launched our new podcast series – SUGTalks – which aims to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing SAP users today. SUGTalks will be hosted by UKISUG CEO, Craig Dale, who will be speaking to a number of guests from across the SAP ecosystems, on a variety of subjects. So, what you can expect to hear about over the next six weeks?

In our first episode…

Our first episode looks at SUGEN (SAP User Group Executive Network), and why it’s so important to SAP users across the globe. Philip Adams, non-executive board member of UKISUG and member of the Leadership Team of SUGEN, will be joining Craig alongside Gianmaria Perancin, President of USF (French speaking SAP User Group) and Chair of SUGEN. The trio will be discussing how SUGEN has saved millions for businesses, how it works with the individual user groups, creating best practices on a global scale and the user group’s work influencing SAP. Also, listen out for a fun discussion about whether our guests would return home with aliens if they landed – be sure to give it a listen!

More to look forward to

More widely, we’ll also be looking at many other topics during upcoming episodes. This includes how we can continue to work effectively from home, some of the challenges around mental health and good strategies to help ourselves and staff. We will also be covering some SAP specific issues, such as the journey towards S/4HANA. Here, we will be chatting with a customer who has recently implemented S/4HANA, and highlighting what organisations need to consider before migration.

The ongoing pandemic is something that continues to affect us, so we will also be covering the remote delivery of projects through remote and distributed delivery in an upcoming episode. To discuss this topic in more detail, we’ll be hearing from itelligence, Capgemini and SAP who will share their thoughts. Lastly, we’ll also be dedicating one episode to introduce you to the UKISUG board, allowing you to get to know your user group better and understand our ongoing aims for the organisation.

We hope you enjoy our first series and find it informative. We will be recording our second series later this year, so if there any topics you’d like us to discuss please let us know.

Be sure to sign up on your favourite podcast service by using any of the links below:

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