Your UKISUG membership allows you free membership to ASUG, the America’s SAP Users' Group*

Being a UKISUG member allows you free membership to the America's SAP Users' Group*.

This allows you to connect with SAP users in America and around the world, allowing you to attend webinars and face to face events.


America's SAP Users' Group (ASUG)

Sign Up to the America's SAP Users' Group (ASUG) for free allowing you to receive additional benefits such as attendance to any webinars or face-to-face events they are holding.

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*PLEASE NOTE : ASUG policy around User Groups states that “any company with a location in the U.S. will be required to hold individual membership. Many of our members have offices globally, and thus, are unable to join under a user group membership. The membership under the user group should be reserved for companies who are truly global, without an office located in the U.S. or Canada”.